How do you make a electric worm shocker?

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I went to and it was worth every penny. It is a safe device.

I just plugged in and it works.

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actually no real case of electrocution by a worm probe has ever been recorded, while making them yes but that was human error... anyway what you do is take an extension cord cut off the female end strip about a foot of the cover off to expose the wires then take the black wire or live wire and strip it to the copper wire !!!MAKE SURE THE CORD IS COMPLETE UNPLUGGED AND AWAY FROM ANY OUTLETS!!! then you wrap it around a conductive pole or some sort of prod wrap it with electrical tape the cover the ends of the other wires with electrical tape make sure you have a non conductive substance to hold on to when placing and removing probe it usually take a good 10 to 20 minutes for it to start working if nothing is happening by about 30 minutes then either there are no worms bedded there or you didn't do it right

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Lots of people have been electrocuted using electricity to get worms to crawl to the surface. Is it really that difficult to just use a shovel and turn over some ground to get worms?

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