How do you know which hole the tampon goes in?

When you are sittind down on the toilet and you try to insert a tampon, how do you know which hole it goes in?

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well put your finger near your hole at the top of your pee pee.(yeah its groose but its part of life and your just touching yourself)then take your finger and stick it in the hole something wet might come out its fine its not deadly thats the hole to stick the tampon in.

Heres how to put one in

1.wash your hands with warm water and soap the tampon pack
3.take off the top plastic cover
4.put one foot on the toilet seat or sit on the toilet seat with your legs apart(make sure you do not have pants or underwear on)
5.put the tampon in front of the hole I said to at the top of this page
6.put the tampon up the hole
7.push the bottom part of the tampon forward
8.pull the last plastic part off
9.a stringshould be hanging out

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ooja is a guy for sure,

but try sitting on the toliet and putting your finger down there before you try to put the tampon in (if your ok with touching yourself that way) you can be able to feel your anus, vagina and clit and once you get more and more experience then it will become easier. You can also stand up and do it. Find a mirror and look at yourself and examine yourself.

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Think about it- you would know if you had put it in the rite hole because
a) it would fit
b) pee would come out next time you went 2 the toilet

oh and by the way, yes it was a stupid question

(Another question answered sucessfully for the mentally challenged)

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okay, theres really only two holes it could fit in.. your butt and your crotch hole the one you pee out of is really small.. but anyways, I don't know I would be able to tell the diffrence if something was going into my asshole or my crotch ha but maybe thats just me?

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Some people find it easy to stand up and insert the tampon that way. It may seem uncomfortable or in your case confusing to find the exact spot and angle at which it needs to go. If you stand up or place one foot on a stool or on the toilet seat your able to give yourself better leverage and guide your hand better.

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get a mirror and look at where the hole is

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that weird:] plus its kinda complicated when you talk I guess

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ummm..I actully never got it but I know,I have 2 older sisters and...I nkno its not that hard to find!

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its not scary. I was like really scared the first time but its not bad. I thought it would hurt. my mom wanted to show me and she was like okay ill use my vagina to show you and I was like uhh no im good lol. but just find the hole and put it in. it mite feel a littl ewierd at first but thats normal.

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if you get a mirror you will see your clit (wich is at the top of your vagina under a little hood called "the clit hood.") then there will be your pee hole wich urine comes out of but its so small you can barley see it and no way could a tampon fit inside. if you open your lips there will be what basically looks liked a big hole. thats the one you put it up in, as the blood comes out that one. you will not have any problems in finding it, and I hope this helped :)

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My hole is really far back ... I can't see OR feel it! HELP

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I need the same question answered! ! ! xoxo

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