how do you hook-up a playstation 3 to a computer?

I just got a playstation 3 for christmas and I need to know what cables are needed to hook it up to a computor with DSL

Answer #1

u need to have a router and a ethernet cable…

ethernet cable from the ps3 to the router then I think you go to the control panel and set up another network conection.. (call it Playstation 3 or summet)

ok I dont think im getting it right so heres some real instructions: :)

  1. First you need all of the right equipment. You will need a PlayStation 3 game console, wired or wireless router (Ethernet cable if using the hard wired method) and a relatively modern computer running Microsoft Windows XP or higher. You must also ensure that you have the latest version of Windows Media Player to ensure the best performance.

  2. If you haven’t already, you will need to setup a network connection from your PS3 to your router. Depending upon the type of router you own, you can establish a wired or wireless connection. Wired connection is always preferred in terms of connection quality, however, not the best option if you are unable to run Ethernet cable from the PlayStation 3 to the network router. If you choose to go wireless, make sure your network router utilizes wireless G technology or better. The PlayStation 3’s built in wireless adapter uses “G”. As different manufacturers have different setup procedures, Always look through your routers documentation to be able to setup the device with your computer network.

  3. Next, Make sure your computer is turned on. From your start menu, click on Control Panel from your Windows XP start button. Now click on “Set Up a Home or Small Office Connection” Follow the prompts until you get to the “File And Sharing” dialog box, make sure that this feature is turned on before proceeding. Finish the wizard. You may be prompted to restart the computer, Go ahead and restart.

  4. When your computer has restarted, go ahead and turn on your PS3. Navigate to your network connections menu and enable the media server function. Now go back over to your computer and open Windows Media Player. Right click the mouse in anywhere in the black area of the media player to show the toolbar menu. Click on Tools >Options. Now click on the Library tab on top of the dialog box. Then click on Configure Sharing. PlayStation 3 or “Unknown Device” should appear. Allow this connection and hit apply. Your Computer should now appear in the PlayStations XMB menu. If it does not appear, scroll to the “search for Media Servers” in your Video, Picture or music menus.


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