How do you get rid of a pig nose?

I have a really upturned pigs nose, so bad that people can see up my nostrils just by looking at me...what can I do?

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wow, I'm right there with you. My ski-slope nose drives me crazy, I have even went as far as putting duct tape over it to try and get it to go down some. I hate it. :( People are so confident when they have perfect little noses, but not me I keep my head down so you can't see right up it all the time. I want plastic surgery..

^that girls gets made fun of just like I do, I hate it so much.^

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Well I personally find piglike noses VERY attractive on females. I think it's really cute, and a turn on. I also like the way it looks from a profile when there's a bump. It's very sexy to me!! My favorite nose type in the opposite sex.

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just live with it and be proud to be half pig... it must be so funny to see a person with a nose so upturned!

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well, u can live with it...or go and get a nose job.
but yeah, everyone has something we dont like about us...but its LIFE...and we should like our self the way we are.

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Do you often Answer yourself?

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aww thats so cute. seriously. i hate my nose. its big and it looks like a beak. i would kill for a nose like that. no joke.

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I no how you feel. I'm only 14 but people always makes their nose into one like mine, but they kind of go over top like they put it RIGHT up like a pig nose thought its NOT, its more of a sharks nose LOL its hard to explain. I find it hard when the word Pig or Snorted or anything like that is said in front of my class. Trust me! I could do anything to change it!

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Don't feel bad :)
Look at it this way: If you could've picked what kind of nose you'd have, you wouldn't have picked that one, right? So, don't feel bad - really! Everyone of us has something that they're not proud of. That's ok. We are not perfect.

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hay im a guy and iv got a piggy but iv never really let it stop me, i used to get teaseed in primary school and i ignored them, after while they got bored and just excepted me for who i am. now im in highschool going into yr 11 and i have tons of friends and also freinds of the oppsite gender that dont really care for what i look like so dont let anyone put you down because itl only make you feel worse just keep on living with it and youll be fine!!!

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