How do you get over issues with porn?

I have ahistory with hating porn. my x husband and I that was a big problem between me and him, he lie dto me about it so I looke dit up on the computer all the time in our history, he hid id from me, he even rented porn movies on ppv. (I know 24 and divorced, long story), anyways my boyfriend whom I love with all my heart now likes porn and he is into bdsm, a new life style kinda for me, although we are not seriously hard core with it. anyways how can I start changing my views on it, I mean I am attracted to it a little but mostly because of the girls in it. I also hate it because I dotn look like the girls in the movies, is that what he wants?? What is the addiction with porn??

Answer #1

You’re qualified for filling holes? That’s not what your wife said, but if you insist, you can start with that gaping head wound that cost you the entirety of the reasoning portion of your gray matter.

I refuse to add the definition of “perhaps” here. You couldn’t be troubled to look it up, PERHAPS you can’t read.

I refuse to add the definition of “solipsism” here. I can only ever know for certain that the word exists in my dictionary anyway.

I refuse to provide a rebuttal for each of your innane musings, not only because recent experience proves it pointless(context clues mean nothing to you, do they not? Sherlock), but mostly because I can’t find the heart to burden the poor reader with a second portion of Kiasu’s staple sustenance, humble pie.

But now I’ve gone overboard and made myself ashamed. I feel like the teenage hooligan in an episode of “Life Goes On”(faded reference, you got me) barraging Corky with epithets that will earn me villain status and no callbacks. Is this what you meant when you said “humor(corrected that for you, welcome to the civilised world)…at your own expense?” It’s really not my fault, I had no idea I was corresponding with someone a chromosomal pair short…Yes…I did…I saw your picture beforehand.

Answer #2

“Every male” encapsulates the totality of my personal universe I have access to reference. Solipsism. No, Kinsey, I haven’t dispersed the questionnaires to the far reaches of the globe. I am yet to meet the male who hasn’t partaken. I would be hesitant to believe one, perhaps yourself, claiming complete chastity. I once observed a congregation of Mennonite maidens perusing the naughty card bin at Spencers. I’m wont to believe teetotalers are the exception, not the rule. If I may take the liberty. Heeding your discretion of course.

I’ve heard it is incorrect to argue from the subjective, however, I was unaware we were under the auspices of Roberts Rules of Order, here, at the bastion of jurisprudence, FunAdvice.

Answer #3

Sorry, I thought I answered your query, perhaps I could have it translated into moleman subterranean dialect, but something tells me this would be futile as well.

My follow up response, “Every male encapsulates the totality of my personal universe I have access to reference” implies that I do speak for every male I know exists. As far as I know you’re the latest iteration of “whack-a-mole” to come out of Albion.

At this stage in life I shouldn’t be explaining the definition of the word “perhaps” to you. Did you not post the link to an article condemning porn? By the by, I’m not advocating porn, just admitting that it isn’t only the domain of miscreants, then again, I may be a deluded miscreant.

YOUR WIFE AND YOURSELF WATCH PORN TOGETHER!…you hypocritical twit…and you have the unmitigated gall to call me misleading.
Seriously, I would have gotten a lot more out of your lengthy diatribe had you shared your wife’s pornographical preferences rather than scathe my inability to connect with your leprechaun underworld ethos. I took espanol, not elvish in high school.

I suppose you think you have pulled the wool over my eyes, castigating me for my aggressive rebuttal all the while implying your initial question harbored no value of passive aggressive undertones. You get to play the role of philanthropist advisor admonishing me for losing my temper while you downplay your part, instigating it all. Typical of limey prudes. Yeah, I went there.

I will

I am

P.S. Harrison Ford called for you, he says he wants his hat back, but only if you haven’t sullied it with effeminate English posturing, I told him to buy a new one– Psyche–he just called to say he hated those landscape wannabe archaeologists–Psyche–Harrison Ford doesn’t even know you’re alive, I just imagine he would say them if he did.

Answer #4

Every male watches porn/has watched it. Every male wants his girlfriend/wife to watch it with him. Every male thinks about sex at least once a minute, I would guesstimate. I would worry more if he didn’t want to include you.

Answer #5

“I have to feel out the ones big enough to take my abuse and give it back” can’t believe I said it. Just opened the door for endless innuendo, didn’t I.

Answer #6

I hope you are finding the humor in this, from the looks of you(remember the mongoloid from “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”) you’re someone I want to keep on my good side, I’d offer you a Baby Ruth(Sloth) and an olive sprig, but I’m afraid you would gnaw my right hand of fellowship down to the bone.

Answer #7

No doubt. A little friendly ribbing helps me tolerate my monotonous sojourn through life…(not too far off on your analysis)I have to feel out the ones big enough to take my abuse and give it back without becoming defensive to a fault.

No harm intended.

BTW, I share your taste in dry English satire, I grew up on “Are you Being Served” and “Mr. Bean,” but all incarnations of “BlackAdder” and “Fawlty Towers” I watch whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Answer #8

Keep it up, I am qualified to fill in the hole you are digging for yourself…

Most amusing.

PS Were your last comments your own views or are you representing ‘every male’?


Answer #9

Hi miscegenymiser, I was actually asking you where you have obtained your evidence to speak on behalf of ‘every’ male?

As for my comment, ‘Many dont have access to video/DVD players, porn mags etc’.

You may be aware than a huge % of the worlds population live in poverty (such as people in Africa, China etc) I would not imagine that a DVD or video player was on their priority list of purchases even if they were able to afford it. (these people must be included if you state ‘every male’.)

So it would appear that whe you point out’ ‘Every male watches porn/has watched it. Every male wants his girlfriend/wife to watch it with him.’ what you are actually saying merely refers to you and your friends.

Your follow up response states, ‘’Every male’ encapsulates the totality of my personal universe I have access to reference.’ So, you are not speaking on behalf of every male!

If you had started you reply saying, My friends… you would not have been asked to clarify your point.

If your responses are misleading, you must expect people on here to challenge this.

You say, ‘perhaps yourself, claiming complete chastity’, however, reading back through my response, I see no mention of my chastity or sexual preferences/behaviour.

Just for your interest, my wife and I have watched porn on a number of occassions and have no problem with this. I am not speaking from some christian sealot point of view, I merely asked you where you obtained your information out of curiosity.

However, your aggressive response when I asked you this speaks volumes but please go ahead and just respond to issues that were never mentioned or asked if it keeps you happy.

I’m not easily upset and you may provide a bit of amusement for others reading this post.

Have fun


Answer #10

Sorry miscegenymiser, forgot to add.

The link I posted was advice for the poster of the question who stated that she had a history of hating porn and that is was causing problems in her relationship.

However, I do apologise if I have the ability to provide advice to questions while not necessarily have the same view of the person asking that question.

It is all about having an open mind and being willing to assist people. I was advising and not making a statement like, ‘Every male watches porn/has watched it. Every male wants his girlfriend/wife to watch it with him.’ which is of course totally untrue and misleading and one to which you felt necessary to retract in a later posting.

You are clearly an intelligent person and I find it quite sad that you not able to have an open debate without resorting to aggression and personal attack?

Never mind. You have brought some humour to the page at your own expense.


Answer #11

‘My follow up response, ‘Every male encapsulates the totality of my personal universe I have access to reference’ implies that I do speak for every male I know exists.’

So what you are in fact saying is that you deny the existance of any male, anywhere in the world that you do not know personally and your observations ignore the views and opinions of those?

So, to sum up, the view that you firt posted is based upon the knowledge you have of 6 drinking buddies.

So, your original statement that read, ‘Every male watches porn/has watched it. Every male wants his girlfriend/wife to watch it with him.’

Should have read:

Me and my 6 drinking buddies all watch/have watched porn and they want their girlfriends/wifes to watch it with them.

That reads much better and much more factual. It is also far less misleading for the person who asked for advice.

Enjoy your day, gotta go and start filling that hole if for you now.


Answer #12

“Many dont have access to video/DVD players, porn mags etc.” scientific statistics I presume. Maybe the Morlocks you cohabitate with do not encompass the best test demographics, Kiasu, and may I suggest a canary for any future burrowing as it seems the oxygen level in your hole is insufficient for sustaining intelligent life.

Answer #13

Hi, Here is a link to an article called: How porn is wrecking relationships you may find interesting reading.

Answer #14

As I said earlier miscegenymiser , You are clearly a deep thinker and a highly intelligent person.

This post reads like one of the Monty Python arguement sketches…

I will take your last post as a type of compliment. Have a good day.


Answer #15

I would still advise you to speak to a medical professional that can assist you with anger managent support miscegenymiser.

I’m not angry with you but I do have great sympathy as it must be very hard going through life with so much pent up anger inside, just waiting to get some of it out by insulting others.

Please let me know if you would like me to point you towards some good websites that could help you face up to and maybe even address some of your personal issues.

Good luck with the fight.


Answer #16

I would say that your ‘every’ is an over estimate.

Where are you getting your evidence of this from?

Are you talking about every country in the world? Surely not, as many dont have access to video/DVD players, porn mags etc…

I would be interested to hear how you came to your conclusions as it sounds like your are speaking on behalf of yourself and maybe a few friends.

Answer #17

No, but how about we call a truce as we both seemed to have ‘jumped the gun somewhat’.


Answer #18

Thanks for: “You are clearly a deep thinker and a highly intelligent person”

This is what I keep trying to tell people.

Thanks for the add.

Answer #19

Can you write prescriptions?

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