How do you get good grades?

I know this sounds like a dumb question, but if anyone here gets straight A’s and B’s, I’d like to know how they do it.

Answer #1

soo easy to anwser this question seems simple but sometimes it isnt alright 1. every one can get good grades except mabye mental retarded but first you got to want to have good grades.2. it is helpful to be known as a good student so if your not liked by your teachers shut up and sit down 3 lastly just do your work and try to do your work the best you can a lot of you grade depends on that.

Answer #2

To get good grade… you need to have a good home life style. Always stay positive, have a goodnight sleep, at least 6 or more hours of sleep, always eat your breakfast, don’t eat sweet stuffs too much in the early morning. Above all, ALWAYS go to school with a HAPPY SPIRIT. Leave your home with love and good spirit NOT with SAD SPIRIT.

Answer #3

work hard and do your homework homework really counts and take time to study for tests homework and tests count the most so focus on those the most

Answer #4

I always study before tests, have my Mom or Dad check my homework, and take notes. Once you start doing this, you will see an improvement in your grades, garanteed.

Answer #5

When you get home, do all of your homework or study and stuff so that you’re not rushing it before bed, you will be tired so won’t perform as well the next day. Just put in a load of effort and take the time to really pay attention.

TIP: If its a project, put in effort into presentation, it impresses everyone!


Answer #6

Well study, focus, pay attention, and always turn in work all the time with no excuses!

Hope I helped <3

Answer #7

Getting good grades is not that hard IF you decide that’s what you want.

My first two semesters in college, I got a 1.0 GPA (D average) and a .75 (even worse). I was drinking every night, never studied, rarely made it to class except the ones where cute girls sat near me (so I never paid attention even when I was there) and never did my homework or reading for the next class. My parents said “Hey guess what? You’re on your own now!” and cut me off as far as any school funding went. To be fair, they warned me after the 1st semester.

Fast forward four years to my 5th high school reuinion. My best friends from HS had all graduated from college. Some were going into law and medical school. One was in veterinary school and the other two had started well paying jobs (well paying for being 21-22 anyways). Meanwhile, I was 22 with almost no college credit, bartending and waiting tables - nothing wrong with that but not great long term prospects.

The very next day I went back down to my old college and signed up for the next semester and went to the financial aid office to work on funding it.

Fast forward 5 weeks: First day of class. Rule 1: Sit in the front row - No distractions and the teacher/prof is right in front of you so you have to pay attention or you look like an idiot.

Rule 2: Take good notes - This takes practice but the more you do it the easier it becomes. When you write things down, you remember them. I can’t stress this enough.

Rule 3 - Do the reading as soon as you can. Between classes or as soon as you get home. Read it twice if you’re not completely comfortable with the stuff you just read. Take practice quizzes if they’re in the book.

Rule 4 - If you’ve done the work and still have questions, ASK the teacher! They’ll normally be more than happy to explain whatever it is you have questions on.

Rule 5 - Review before tests/quizzes and ALWAYS assume there will be a pop quiz. That way you’re never surprised and unprepared.

Rule 6 - Always be polite & respectful in class. Teachers HATE smartasses, even if they don’t seem to. If your grade is borderline, this may just give you the bump you need for a higher mark.

This is what I did when I went back to school on my own and I got 4.0’s (A average) for the first 3 semesters. The next semester I got a 3.96…stupid A-. =p

It’s easy once you get into good study habits but you need the self control and discipline to get the ball rolling. Good luck!

Answer #8

Well I when for my drivers permit I failed like 3 times over and then I learned the secret…study. Who would have thought that helps!!!

Answer #9

I procrastinate all the time for some reason. I still get As and Bs. I don’t ever do my homework. a lot of people say I’m the type to but really I don’t. All I do is do my homework during classes and I surprisingly get it done. And sometimes when the teacher allows for us to start our homework in class I always finish first. I guess it’s just my mental thinking… But I don’t spend time at home on my homework. I wouldn’t suggest doing what I do. But if you want good grades you’re going to have to focus. If you have an assignment notebook then use it. And remember to bring home the right books. Always do your homework before doing other stuff like turning on your computer or TV. Don’t procrastinate like me. -_-

Answer #10

I have only had 1 C in my life. the rest A’s and B’s. I try not to procrastinate and get work done ahead of time that way work doesn’t pile up. I take a good bit of time to study for my tests and go over it after I’m done. If you don’t like your grade ask for extra credit and usually there’s something the teacher will allow you to do to get a few extra points. Don’t rush through things take your time.

Answer #11

well the thing that works for me is just to listen to some music like really softly because I get really easily distracted so when doing homework or studying put you cellphone and computer aside (or tv.) plus if you’re working on a project don’t spend a lot of time decorating it, just make sure your teacher understands the main concept because teachers honestly don’t care if its “pretty” just make sure its not sloppy. also if you have a study hall or a library you can go before or after school just to study it always helps!

Answer #12

for me it just comes automatically but I suggest studying everyday at a certain time and really saying to yourself ‘I want to be successful’ some incentive: being successful will help you escape from the icky suburbs,eh? well never mind you seem to have the whole success thing pretty much nailed down lol

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Answer #14

Dont miss class Take good notes Study Be calm when taking tests.

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