How do you get backstage for a Jonas Brothers concert?

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew how to get Jonas Brothers backstage passes. You see my sister is turning 17 in August and she really wanted to see the guys for her sweet sixteen but she didn’t get to and she was really disappointed (so was I). I would love to get her backstage passes so that we could meet them for her seventeenth birthday. So it would be her birthday present. Does anyone know?

Thanks, Jo-bro fan

Answer #1

totally impossible. I’ve been a fan for a LONG TIME. before any of this new fame they have. 2 years ago this would have been completely do-able and more than easy. but now things have changed a lot and sweetie youll be lucky if you can even get tickets for one of their concerts

xxx c

Answer #2

yeah most of the time you do HAVE to know someone in the business. Or like is involved with the venue. See I know somebody like that and I couldnt even get backstage.

Answer #3

Okay. Go to a concert. If you have tickets Lol. Leave early(maybe miss 2 or 3 songs) and check to see if theres a Meet and Greet. If not, just wait outside for the tour bus and try to see them there. Or if you are such a rebel, sneak out and follow them backstage. Haha.

Answer #4

if you are able to get tickets to the concert, you probably wouldn’t get backstage passes. but they do have meet and greets sometimes after the shows, so you may see them there. if no meet and greet…then get to the venue extremely early and wait by the tour bus…you may catch them there, if not…then sneak out of the show right before it’s over and wait by the bus to catch them when they come out of the show. that is probably the only way you would see them.


Answer #5

I’m trying so hard to get them too, I love the jonas brothers. But, I went to the top 10 american idol concert, and I got back stage passes for that

The way that happened was I just got noticed and I know thats really hard to do, but David cook actually noticed us While filming the crowd because stood up on our chairs, me and 3 friends

Turns out he had the security guard come find us Jonas brothers are good guys and they would probably do something like that

If you have close seats, Just have them notice you I guess! I know this isn’t much help, but I want to meet them too

Thats the best I can do for you though Its better than all these debby downers that tried to help you.

Answer #6

they do many meet and greets…I know that..I’ve heard they walk around SOMETIMES before they perform and stuff..but yea..good luckk…I’m trying to meet them too!

Answer #7

okay soo some people are right. its not impossible to get backstage and I seriously hate when people effin say that!! I no a lot of people. my daddy use to work for a record company and he got to meet some many people.

my familys bestfriend owns blossom music center. in ohio. so im meeting them on august 22nd.

sry im not much help. but you really do need to have connections. or win contests

Answer #8

I’ve got passes for sale

Answer #9

You usually either have to know someone in the business. or…

no wait that’s usually the only option!

Answer #10

you will be lucky if you do.! it sucks everyone loves them so muchh now.. but who can help it they are just so amazing :D :D

Answer #11

okay sorry to say sweetie, that’s mission imposible. I’ve been a fan for years, I should know. I’ve tried many many times. sorry.

Answer #12

if you get even get tickets to the concert, then you probably won’t get backstage passes. I mean it doesn’t hurt to try, but you probably won’t. they do have meet and greets sometimes, so you may get to meet them that way. but if they don’t have a meet and greet then you might want to arrive at the venue early and stand by their tour bus in chances to meet them. if not…then I recommend leaving the show early like during the last song and go wait by the tour bus. that way you’ll be there when they come out of the venue. that is probably your best bet for seeing them. good luck!


Answer #13

email me and I help you out with some passes to the Jo-bros

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