How do you find a good and safe place to sunbathe nude?

I have always wanted to sunbathe nude to get an all over tan but would like to be able to do so in an environment where I wouldn’t be “ooo-ed” and “ahh-ed” to the point I would feel uncomfortable. I love my body and have worked hard to maintain it. I don’t know of any places to go to enjoy nature to the fullest. Do you?

Answer #1

In Germany, nudism is quite popular.

There are ‘Nacktwanderwege’. Paths for nude wanderers. There are ‘Freikörperkultur-Veranstaltungen’ that ist free-body-culture-events in almost every public swimming site. Means nudism-afternoons. There are beaches reserved for nudists on the baltic sea coast. And the Germans regularly shock tourists by sunbathing nude in city parks. Like the English Garden in Munich or the Hofgartenwiese in Bonn, just to mention two of them. But also in a regular public swimming pool nobody will really mind a girl bathing topless - as long as she looks good. German saunas are almost always mixd-gender nudist areas.

One problem: If you want to get a dark tan, you need to be lucky with weather. German summers can be anything from uncomfortably cool + rainy to unbearably hot + sunny.

bye the sheep

Answer #2

Yeah just go to a nude beach. The people there are really nice and pretty much just ignore you. Its illegal to go to a nude beach to perve and some beaches have guards that watch perves. Also not everybody looks fabulous naked and the people at nude beaches where I am from are all pretty much average and don’t look like megan fox! haha

Answer #3

There are ‘free beaches’ and nude beaches all over the US…here’s a link to a directory of them…maybe there’s one near you. You don’t have to worry about getting ooo’d on a nude beach or nudist camp…the people who frequent them are pretty much desensitized to nudity.


Answer #4

well, be aware the the nun causes skin cancer and makes your face and skin age faster so you could always get a fake tan and not risk your health/possibly life otherwise maybe a secluded back beach a nudist beach, maybe a part if it were there arnt too many people or perhaps in a sunny spot in your backyard

Answer #5

It used to be possible in Mamaja, Roumania

Answer #6

ha maybe a spot on your roof that can’t be seen from the ground?

Answer #7

well why not your yard? unless you don’t have one.. lol sorry my only idea. Or maybe a friends yard.

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