How do you change piano notes to flute notes?

Okay, I know they're the same and all, but, when I play the piano notes some of them are way below the staff and I can't get that low. Do you have to move them a certain notes up or something? Please do not answer if you're going to say flute and piano notes are the same.

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in order for the whole piece to sound normal you would have to transpose it up an octave or 2.but if the octave is too far up then I would transpose it in a different key.

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You can also put it in another key where you are more comfortable. if your not sure how too ask :)

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You can translate up/down full octaves if you're trying to play a song designed for the range of a piano on an instrument with a more limited range. It will sound different, but still recognizable. Anyway, that's what I do on the guitar, and it should work for a flute too I imagine.

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thanks for the shity advise

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