How to sing without singing through your nose?


Answer #1

Try to sing using your diaphragm, and also try to keep your throat open, with your mouth open and your palat as open as possible. Another way is to try to sing lower-than-normal notes, and use as much resonance as possible and work your way to higher notes (while trying to use as much resonance as possible, while keeping your throat and palate open).

Answer #2

Okay, yenteramanda is right. Drop the jaw and sing behind your face. Really push the air out of your diaphragm and lift a little something at the back of your throat. You’ll feel it when you sing, just lift it to block your throat a little. Feel the vibration in your chest and amplify it. And don’t be airy. Airy is bad. A trick for that is to put your finger right in front of your mouth and sing a note as an “oooh”. Pretend that finger is a candle. If you feel so much air that you think it would go out, try to lift that throat thingy some more. It helps, trust me. Or you could use a real candle…

Answer #3

hold ur nose when u sing if it sounds weird then keep singing in diffrent ways (still holdin your nose) til it sounds normal then practise singing like that , pretty soon it’ll come naturally. xx

Answer #4

good suggestions…and remember when you breathe…you should see your stomach get bigger…use your gut…its ok to look fat..your doing it right if you do

Answer #5

some people say that people who sing through their nose are really good singers and there is no difference, i sing through my mouth and i cant seem to sing through my nose!! =] xx

Answer #6

sikashimmer’s suggestion is a really good one. i would give that a try. also, nasal singing comes from air escaping through your nose, so try holding your nose to force it through your mouth and it should get rid of that sound. you should try singing using your diaphram more. make sure you’re taking deep breaths and that you’re keeping your soft pallet in your mouth raised (this happens naturally when you yawn, for example).

Answer #7

You have to open the space for your voice to resonate.

Try imitating a yawn. Now place your fingers in the space that the yawn causes just in front of your ears, kinda where your jaw hinges. If you keep your fingers there to remind yourself to singing openly it will help. Also practice singing like an opera singer… like over the top.

Now that’s the feeling you need to focus on, of course that is exaggerated so you’ll want to tone it down but it will help you find the right feeling to stop singing nasally.

Answer #8

Ima help you out beautiful stand on the wall this is what my vocal coach told me stand wit your back on da wall and bring your knee into your chest and take a deep breath 5 times and hum songs on the reqular it helps with getting your tone on pitch and gets the voice down to the diaphram and holds that support I hope this helps uno

Answer #9

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Answer #10

Go to your church music director or your school music teacher and ask them this question. I think you will have good instruction there. Familycoach

Answer #11

I know that but peopel tell me im singing through my nose and i wont even notice it

Answer #12

sing through your mouth :-|

Answer #13

sing from your diaphram open your mouth and don’t try to hide your voice a lot of people are shy when it comes to music or singing give it your all you can do it.feel the music the words the song wrriter used the emotion the song writer put into it.good luck

Answer #14

sing through your mouth haha.

Answer #15

sing through your mouth haha.

Answer #16

hold your nose and sing until it sounds normal and then you no your not using your nose to sing

Answer #17

Well it takes strength to be able to control it… But if you notice Mariah, Whitney, Fantasia, Luther, and OPERA singers. Do you see how W-I-D-E they have their mouth… How all there teeth are showing… Almost like smiling… Because that allows you to close off the area to your nose so that it hits the neck and has a fuller sound… Well combine that with breathing DEEP into your GUT making your stomach expand… So OPEN your mouth (with all your teeth showing…take a breath… and have your tongue behind your bottom teeth (make sure its relaxed) sing “AHHH”, and take take a breath you cant HELP but breath using your diaphragm… Thats how you do it.. But its good to get lessons so you can have a GOOD instructor help you pronounce words… I would suggest GOSPEL or CLASSICAL… Thas what I went with… AND KEEP PRACTICIN because it takes a lot of strength to do it… and IT WONT BE EASY BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT…

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