How do you seduce a boy in a car?

Hvnt dne it before really need to know, my boyfriend loves me a lot but im not sure how to keep him sexulally happy please tl me really need to know

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it is hard to seduce someone in a car that is if your driving or someone else is. however, if you want to do it sneakily start putting your hand on his leg and move slowly upward to his genitals (penis area). he will look at you and thats when you make eye contact (flirty) with a flirty smirk, try bitting one side of your lip or lick your lips. it will give hime the idea that you want to play.

I will be more help if you add more detail : age, whos in the car, if the car is moving. message me and I will let you no ASAP.

hope this helps :)

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I read your question out loud to my girlfriend, who was playing Dance Dance Revolution at the time. Her answer: ''If she has to TRY, she's doing something wrong.'' I have nothing else to add to that. Guys are grab-and-go. There's not a lot of thought you need to put into it.

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