How do you plan sleepover

How do you plan a perfect Girls Sleepover

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I wouldnt over plan it because if something is a bit dead then you wont know what to do! lol
Fatty food definately helps... you could do a few truths and find out more about eachother. Watch a movie... wotever really!

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every sleepover I have my friends and I take a scoop of everything in my fridge and we put it in a bowl and mix it then dare eachother to lick/eat a bit of it. I know its disgusting but SO funny! or you can eat a raw egg and video tape it, its quite funny.
but yeah I agree with tutorgirl, what kind of food and drinks for the night and breakfast, how many girls (roughly 3-7 is good enough) then the rest goes from there! maybe play some wii if you have one, watch scary movies, make movies/videos on a camera, take pictures ETC

What do you do at a sleepover for 3 people?
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How many girls will be there?
What kind of food will you serve?
things like that but whenever I tried to plan a sleepover nothing ever went as planned they're much more fun when you let things play out by themselves.

birthday sleepovers,
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the perfect sleepover is when you have 3-5 guests at your house and you have chips:doritos, funyuns, hot fries, etc. you can play: truth or dare,telephone(depending on how many people you have),eat this, hide and go seek. theres this really fun game where you put a blind fold on and your in the same room and you try to find the person. and you can play family. and facials. the best part is popcorn + facials+ scary movies= fun

What can I do at sleepover im planning?
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Me and my friend are having icecream,facemasks,popcorn,movies,crisps,sweets,chocolate ..
You can even invte all of your frinds shopping so you can all pick out what you want and what you want to do.. lke me and my friend .. you can make a joke about it too it's soo funny .We use chocolate smelly face masks which are yummy but not edible lol

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