How do you pass a drug test?

Ok.. What ways really work to pass a drug test?

Answer #1

Well yes of course not doing drugs helps. But obviously we have already past that point. First, what type of drug test are you doing? Hair sample? mouth swab? urine test or blood test. Now seeing how most drug tests are urine depending on how long you have you could use sunny #7 which is a detox that works over a period of like 2 weeks. niacin golden seal and other various dietary supplements work aswell. I just had a urine tast and I used this stuff called absolute detox because I was nervouse I got the overweight detox and actually threw it all up and still passed. that was about 50 dollars I got on at I had been smoking pot everyday including that day and it worked like a charm. If you don’t have the money than the old fashioned way is lots and lots of water so much you cant handle it and cranberry juice, this will help clean your urinary tract. I would take precaution though and buy a detox.

Answer #2

what is with everyone, theres such thing as detox , yes detox. In fact it could have him in the clear in 45 min to 2 hours.

Answer #3

you dont take drugs..and then you always works every time

Answer #4

Drinking lots of water will only serve to dilute your urine and alert them to the fact that you are trying to hide something.

Answer #5

Well yes of course not doing drugs helps. But obviously we have already past that point. Uhm… clearly they haven’t passed that point, if that was the case then this wouldn’t be a problem -_-

Answer #6

hey the guy asked a question… lets stick to the point please… well yes water can clear out your system if you want no one to know but if you go into detox than obviously thatd be ‘best’

Answer #7

Wow the people on some of these advice columns are horrible! I think we all understand the way to pass a pee test successfully is to not do drugs, DUH! But this is an advice column and I do not think that was the type of advice Shawna was looking for. My question is, why are the people that do not use and never had to pass a pee test answering these questions at all? It must be fun for them to go on here and make fun of people for what they choose to do in their own time. I do not know how to do it. I quit smoking awhile ago when I had to pass mine and came clean and do not do it anymore. I am not against it or anyone else for doing it. I think that the people who have nothing but negative things to say on this should take their over critical butts and answer a question like, How do I be a judgmental, overcritical a hole? My advice to those people is, Do not knock it until you try it.

Answer #8

To pass a drug test— buy a small plastic vile, usually found in the travel section of stores.. have a friend who does not smoke marijuana pee in it for you [right before you go take your test] and it should be someone of the same sex. then place the vile in your underwear.

presto– you pee in the toilet you pour your friends pee in the cup. remember to put the vile back into your pants so the tester does not see it.

works everytime. safest way to pass.

some tests now test for detox. sometimes fake piss is detected. water, niacin, and cranberry tablets do not work. don’t ever piss for yourself if you know you’re dirty unless you used detox and you know you did it correctly.

I’ve failed a lot of drug tests, only way I’ve passed is using someone else’s pee.

Answer #9

Frankly, the only HONEST answer is to simply don’t do drugs. Different drugs can be detected at different lengths of time after taking them. Heroin? Don’t take any for at LEAST 3 days, drink lots of water, and you’ll probably pass. Marijuana? They can detect it 4-6 weeks later. Someone else’s urine? Sorry, but drug screeners are smarter than that. They test the temperature of the urine in the cup, and they can tell if it came from you or from a test tube. If they have any doubts about it, they may put a patch on your arm, and that can detected a whole sh*tload of drugs - and alcohol! Or, they may clip a sample of your hair, and you’re busted! If you are employed, you can be fired. If you are on probation, it can get you a real fast trip to the the penitentiary! Just don’t do ANY drugs and you have nothing to worry about. Only safe answer.

Answer #10

there is no good way to pass a drug test. . . EXCEPT. . Don’t use them. . . Works for me. . .

Answer #11

stop doing drugs is a really good way to pass :]

Answer #12

Well… not doing drugs is a good start.

Answer #13

um well not doing drugs REALLY works no joke you should try it sometime

Answer #14

Wow most of you people on here are jerks. I came to the site looking for advice and all I feel is attacked by the people who think they are better than everybody else because they do not use marijuana. I was stuck in the same boat as some of the people on here. I do not know how to get clean quickly. I just stopped smoking and passed. There are many different things I learned on how to do it but everyone has a different way. I know not doing drugs will make you clean DUH! I think we all know that. My question is why are the people who don’t use answering these questions? How about you go to the advice column on how to criticize people for what they like to do with their free time. Maybe you guys would all have something in common, like being judgmental and over opinionated a holes.

Answer #15

‘nirvanafan’ We’ll see how good your plan works… THEN we’ll compare. I’m pretty sure not doing drugs works better then frying your brain then gulping water down all day (which chances are… wont work.)Duh…

Pretty mouthy for a 14-year-old.

Answer #16

I have been on probation off and on since 95. I have leaned the hard way how to pass, because I don’t believe I should be told what I can and can’t do. I smoke 3 weeks out of the month I quit 6 days before test. I quit taking opiates 2 days before test. I eat plenty of fiber because it helpls the body get rid of the thc, the day before. The days before that I eat plenty of meat and protien. The day of the test drink several glasses of water. One hour before the test I take 80 mgs. of Lasix,(flourisimide) this is a prescription diretic. It slows down the kidneys that produce the metabolites that cause you to show up hot. If you have trouble tracking down lasix just go to an online pharmacy. I order it all the time from a canadian pharmacy. Very cheap. If you can’t get lasix drink a lot of coffee in the morning then a gallon of water. Exercise helps a lot too. Especially with the opiates. If you urinate about ten to twelve times before the test you should be good. Take a few b-2 vitamins to give your urine color. Some people will say that the lack of color will make the test not count. This is not true. My piss is always clear. What are they gonna do. All you have to say is you drank a lot of water so you could piss. Never failed and never had a problem. Don’t take my word for it. You can buy home drug test kits online for next to nothing so test yourself and that way you will know how long it takes. Good luck to all.

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