How to get free minutes on a boost mobile phone?

I know how to get on the free chip menu but what do you have to do to get it I also need some free mins to so if you have the code please help me out

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There are rumors that there are codes that will give you free, unlimited chirp and push to talk minutes. There are NO codes that will give you unlimited chirp, push to talk, or free regular calling minutes. I have confirmed this with Boost Mobile and previous boost mobile employees in the past.

Unfortunately, whoever started these rumors were mistaken, and it would not be financially possible for boost mobile to offer an unlimited minutes/push to talk/ or chirp promotion code!

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sincere0044 how do I unlock a i776 boost phone for free chirp

How do I hack into my boost mobile phone and change my minute

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how do I get this software, is it free? is it illegal?

how do I get free reboost card codes for my boost moble phone?

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