How do you feel about abortions?

Personaly I think there wrong! The only time I think its right to get an abortion is when somebodys life is at risk like the mother. I can understand people wanting to get abortions if it was unplanned and they can afford a child but they should have used contraception!! Me and my friend have had abit of a fall out becuase shes pregnant again! And shes geting an abortion because shes going on holiday in september an wants 2 b able 2 drink and do drugs!! God damn!! I get so annoyed at people like this! I would just like ot know your views on this please xx thanks xx

Answer #1

Abortion takes a Life - lots more answers on this site here:

Answer #2

An emotion-charged issue, sure to bring out a lot of personal OPINIONS. Here’s mine. I believe that an unborn baby, even from the first day, is a life. If you don’t want to have a baby, there are plenty of contraceptives out there. BUT… once you become pregnant, you are carrying another life. MOST women who have abortions go on to regret it deeply. I have a friend age 49 who had an abortion when she was young, and it turned out it was the ONLY time in her life she was able to get pregnant. Later, when she WANTED kids, she couldn’t conceive. She has told me often that getting an abortion was the worst decision of her life, and she is tortured by that decision. If you just don’t want the baby, then there are plenty of couples out there who would be delighted to adopt. But once you have your baby and see him/her growing before your eyes, and realize that this person is 1/2 YOU, I think you’ll be very thankful that you kept the child. Of course, if you’re 14 years old, you would be in a different situation, and adoption would probably be your best bet. Meanwhile, learn about contraception.

Answer #3

iam against that there is no excuses to abort at all not even if you get raped have it it snot the childs fault or give it to abortion is better for the kid to say my mom gave me to adoption than my mommy

song to abortion:(

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Answer #4

I don’t agree with abortions for obvious reasons to “me” I have kids and regardless of the hardships we’ve gone thru I thank God they’re here. ‘AND’ there is so much contraceptive these days, there is no excuse, come on people. It’s ok for you to be annoyed, frustrated esp. if you think it’s not right, but then again there is not much you can do, that’s reality. She’s made up her mind up already, for worthless, irresponsible reasons, but it’s her choice. Now, the only other thing is, is she really a friend you want keep?, if so, you can only give her your point of view and maybe stand by her, when she falls, because as far as I’ve heard people that have had these abortions live to regret it, unless they are life threatening situations,rape,incest or whatever reason, but in any case it’s not up to you to make her choice. Try not to personalize her problems into yours, that will just make you very unhappy. If you want to continue being her friend and it’s worth it to “you” then, just be there to be a good friend, maybe give advice to her until her ears turn red, but then advice is just that, an opinion or point of view, might be taken into consideration or not.
As is your friend already has issues,”having an abortion, to be able to drink and do drugs”?,wow, that’s a valid reason. I agree with some of the above, hands on solutions are way better than criticism and trying to make people perfect.

Answer #5

To recap my view,

I love all these people who say it’s ‘wrong’ and have no scientific evidence to back up why. The only thing people do to support that they are against abortions is drag religion into it. They have no argument, just that it’s a ‘person’. It’s a glob of flesh that is literally attached to the mother by a cord—technically a parasite, not a person. If the Mother cannot mentally or physically care for the child, there is nothing wrong, in my opinion, from getting an abortion. It’s much better than bringing babies into the world where they will grow up unloved and unhappy.

The only time I disagree with abortion is when it is in the final trimester of a pregnancy, and/or the person elects to repeatedly use abortion as a method of birth control.

Answer #6

I would say that the only time a person should get an abortion is if they are raped especially if they are too young to care for it…a person shouldn’t get an abortion just because they just don’t want to take care of it!!! But if they do, they are the ones who have to deal with that for the rest of their lives…HOPE I HELPED! <3

Answer #7

I guess I really don’t care what other people do. If it was my kid it’d be up to my girlfriend/wife to go for that.

Answer #8

I can understand a teenage abortion but I mean if you are old enough where you can get a job and be able to take care of a baby why would you want to kill an innocent life. especially because you want to drink and do drugs. I think abortions are very wrong.

Answer #9

If you support abortion and saying lets kill a cild because he/she was going to live a unhappy life anyway is basically saying that its “ok” to put a baby out of his/her misery.

How do you know if the baby’s life was going to be “unhappy” anyway. What if I handed a gun to someone and said to put me out of my misery because Im unhappy or unloved.

Answer #10

I think thur wrong because if you get prego it’s yur fault not da babys I also hate dem sooo much cus my dad asked my mom 2 have one wit meh

Answer #11

I am pro-choice. but I also believe that abortion should not be performed in the final trimester of pregnancy and that abortion should not be used in place of birth control…

also, I wonder why not one of the anti-abortion answers mentions anything about promoting birth control use, working to change the adoptions laws making it easier to adopt, or mandatory sex education in schools.

it seems the only answers you have are that is a sin, it is wrong and you should give it away. surrendering your baby for adoption is easy. adopting that baby is not. it is expensive and many wonderful candidates are unable to afford to adopt, or one of the spouses is a little older than allowed, etc.

shouldn’t you use your zeal and righteousness to work to prevent the pregnancy in the first place? countries that have mandatory sex education in the schools and easy access to birth control have a lower unwed birth rate. researchers found that among more than 1,700 unmarried, heterosexual teens between 15 and 19 years old, those who’d received comprehensive sex ed in school were 60 percent less likely to have been pregnant or gotten someone pregnant than teens who’d had no formal sex education.

and is it enough for the baby just to be born? shouldn’t you also work for better free childcare programs, better free education, better free healthcare? most of these babies, that you insist must be born, are born into a low-income, dead-end environment. they need care, education and medical services.



there is more to this than a flip answer of ‘it is a sin’. there needs to be a solution.

Answer #12

I am 100% against abortions. It is a living soul and whoever aborts their child is a murderer.

Answer #13

I have no opinion

Answer #14

I would never get a abortion .. my mom told me it doesn’t matter how olded you are u should never kill your baby it’s wrong in god’s eye

Answer #15

I am and always will be pro-choice. I believe every woman should retain the right to have an abortion, no matter what her circumstance.

But I think it’s wrong when a woman uses abortion as her own form of birth control. Accidents happen, but I would think a woman would have enough sense to take some action and use contraception after a while.

And that brings me to another point, first brought up by a poster above…

Most of the people I’ve seen so far who think abortion is wrong can come up with no other reason than “it’s murder” or “it’s a sin”. But at the same time, none of these people are doing anything to make birth control more readily available to those who need it, when it could help eliminate the problem before it’s presented.

But really, she could have just said she didn’t want a baby at the time.

Answer #16

Everyone deserves the joy of life, they shouldn’t be killed because of the mother’s mistake.

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