how do people at so strong and possative

you Get These people, who just accept things in der life. and just move on and get over it? how do they do it how do they be so strong and not let things get to them? im being way emoicanal at the moment and I just want all this hurt to stop. . I want to be strong liek these poeople who are always possative and Strong, who can just accept things in life. and get over it. ! them people who Act how they want, and dont care if people liek them or nott

Answer #1

“that which does not kill you will only make you stronger” if you are alive - there are ways to work through ANYTHING. people with strong attitudes are still bothered by whatever has happened to them, they just figure out what is important, and set the bad things aside- those things will always be there , unless you suffer traumatic amnesia- but you simply see past it, and continue forward. “owning” what has happened in your life is the important step- look at it, accept that there was nothing to be done about it at the time- and move through it. we all have our ‘demons’ we have to face, and a decision to make. we can allow the bad things in our lives to dictate who we are and how we will live, or we can set it aside - and make POSITIVE decisions about the direction our lives are taking, and face down the bad things when we are strong enough to do so ( and as mandyloo said- have the support to HELP confront the bad things and bolster our strength). YOU decide when the proper time will be to confront things- when everything is in your favor, and you are GUARANTEED success- until that time comes, set the bad stuff aside (it happened, nothing can be done about it) focus on the POSITIVE- and go in that direction. the main key point here to remember is YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO HAS EVER HAD TO FACE , AND DEAL, WITH NEGATIVE ELEMENTS IN THEIR LIFE.


Answer #2

A quote from the good old movie Kung Fu Panda(which was actually quoting someone from ancient China, just couldn’t remember who):”Yesterday is history; tomorrow is a mystery; but today is a gift. That is why it’s called the present.”

As much as we should learn from past mistakes, and think about our futures, we should act NOW. Sometimes it is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. I say this in the context that sometimes, there are opportunities at this moment that only come once. Act as best as you can, and take the consequences when they come.

And frankly, the possitive(or commonly “Optimistic”) people get on my nerves, because they’re ALWAYS trying to be possitive, I’ve seen a couple take it to a point of finaticism. And outward, they seem all great, and many people want to be around them. But when something goes horribly wrong(even if there was a good chance it was going to, anyway), they try to keep positive, even though you can obviously tell they’re depressed, and it breaks morale, rather than uplifts it. There are time when one must be an optimist, and others when one must see the negative light. These people are called realists.

If you can be a realist, and have the courage to stand by your decisions no matter the initial consequences, then you will know what it’s like to live. Though, there are times one should mourn, and occasionally be willing to admit they’re wrong(come one, I’m not going to say first-degree murder is something you should stand by. I would even mourn if the same results happened in my self-defense).

Just ignore the crap people say about you, and be yourself. Not saying you shouldn’t give honest advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about and has a good grasp on the situation a chance, but if you truly disagree with it(Conversation: Me:”Well, you have to remember, I don’t care what people think about me.” Adult: “I know, (name), but you should.” Me: “Well, that’s your opinion, which you’re entitled to. As I am mine.”), then just ignore it. Just don’t be jackass. ( Kid bout my age: I think you should apollogize. Me: It’s not my fault he was crawling around in the dark. I tried to jump over him, but I was too late. Hurt Kid’s sister few minutes later: You need to apologize to my brother. Me:Hey, I’m not going to apologize for an accident that’s not my fault.

Then come the death threats from this overemotional chick who’s only a year older than me, two heads shorter, and half my size.)

While I stand by my decision, and have recieved few negative consequences(other than my horribley sensitive conscience), I will admit I could have taken control of the situation much better.

So just be yourself, find a moderation of good and bad, admit your weaknesses, work twoards making them strengths, and be a realist. Think a little about the past, a little more about the future, then put that all away and work with the present.

Answer #3

Everyone has things that get to them - it’s how you handle the situation that makes the difference.

Take me for example. I’m a recovering drug addict, I’ve been homeless, I’ve been an alcoholic, I’ve lied, cheated, stole, I’m a rape victim, and more. I’ve been through more in my 23 years than most people go through in a life time. I could still be a drug addict, homeless person with no ambition and I could still be weak, but I decided to turn my life around and give my life a purpose.

Youi can be strong when you have to be. I have my son now - I found out I was pregnant and quit everything cold turkey. I have the love of my life who stuck by me through everything that I have been through and never has given up. I have my family that has helped me out more than anything in the whole world and has gotten me out of jail twice and given me a place to live when I needed it. I have my true friends that stuck by my side.

My point - you have to have a good support system that will help you through things in life. You can’t do it alone and it helps to have someone there.

You don’t ever forget though - you just remember them and learn from those experiences.

Answer #4

Don’t let them fool you - we all have strengths and weaknesses - some put on an act, some are genuinely content and calmer than most - what helps me and I draw on is my faith - without that I think my nerves would be frazzled…Take care !!

Answer #5

I’ve had a couple really bad things happen to me the past few months. and I’ll tell you that it got bad enough that I started to contemplate suicide. BUT what helped me was that I was able to find something, just one thing that made all my suffering worth it. and that one thing was enough to help me keep my head up and get on with my life. I also grew up in a military family and have had so many depressing days, whether it be moving or hearing of someone I knew dying. I got used to it and so much to a point where I thought I was emotionally invincible. nuthin affected me in any way. but recently I has hit so hard that I disproved that and like I said that one thing was enough to keep my head up.

Answer #6

I do it. I just think of the future. it’ll probably be over and forgotten really soon. if I don’t let it bother me now, it never will!!! ^_^ what happens is gonna happen, and you just need to try and keep things the best they are. you’ll die any way and it won’t even matter anymore. even in your adult hood. it won’t matter or bother you. so I just take it in, and get over it!!!

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