How do i write a letter to my cousin in prison?

So My Cousins In Prison Hes Been There For a While Now. And I've Never Written Him Becuase I Dont know How To Write Him. I Mean Like What Do I Write About Or How Do I Start It.?
Its Difficult Cuase I Havent Seeen Him Since I Was Like 10 or 12.

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You could start with something like Hey, we haven't seen each other in ages so I thought I would write you a letter. How are you holding up? Here's some family gossip... etc etc... Guess what: I joined the basketball team... or whatever lol.

You could send him a picture of the family and any new babies in the family, new pets etc. Tell him how you are doing in school/work. Get one of the kids in your family to draw him a picture.

In prison, everyday he will feel unloved. Little things like photos and drawings will mean a lot to him. Maybe you could buy him some socks or shampoo.

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Please, just write him. Their is only a few things to look forward to in there & mail is one of them. Your because, will just be happy to hear form you. good luck!

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In terms of the content, I'd just tell him that your family misses him, that you're doing well, and that you wish him the best. If you've changed a lot since you guys last saw each other, tell him about the changes. You got a boyfriend, died your hair, won an award...etc. Just talk to him like you would a long lost friend. Good luck.

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y dont u write the letter go to da prision and giv it to someone like a cop and tell them to give it to yo cuzzz

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You can start by asking your cousin if he is fine. Just make sure that all your messages are safe because if the prison guards find out that you write something fishy on the letter, it will not reach your cousin.

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Why is writing letters to prisoners important? Writing letters is one of the most important and simple things that an ordinary person can do to help others. Tell the prisoner why you decided to write him a letter. Letters in this situation are very helpful. Greet first, introduce yourself, tell us what you do. If you need a hint in writing, please check out this page

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