How do I unlock all the catchable rare pokemon in pokemon pearl

Because I dont like cheats I beat the game And my friend said you could get arceus mewtwo without cheats and he wont tell me I got azelf mesprit uxie and palkia and dialga through a trade I know how to get fossils But if thees pokemon are catchable please tell me how to get them

Mew Mewtwo Deoxys Gibble Entei Zapdos Articuno Moltres Or if you know any others let me know Please

Answer #1

You can only get mewtwo by migrating it.PS.this is ABSALUTLY true.I did this and I have a mewtwo now.

Answer #2

You can catch Entei by catching EVERY Unown and then he will run around like Mesprent.PS.if this dosn’t work don’t blame me because I just herd this and didn’t test it.

Answer #3

to catch kyogre take 500 steps in the waters of pal park

Answer #4

I only know how to catch gible and its pretty easy. First you go under the bikeway and walk forward till you reach a wall which youcan see because its under the bikeway, search along that wall and you’ll get into a cave. move the boulders out of the way with strength then go downstairs. Once your down there run around and you should be able to find it there. I got mine there and now I have a level 55 garbite with Dragon rush, Dragon RAge, Dragon claw and crunch. This pokemon is awsome with 160 attack,125 defense,95 sp atk, 103 sp.def and 121 speed. At level 100 it’ll be almost as stong as Giratina.

Answer #5

most of those pokemon cant be caught in the newer games only in thre oolder ones, for the gameboy and gameboy advance or sp mew can be caughtin pokemon yello, maybe the other two as well theres a spwcial cheat you have to do to get him, theres no other way to do it mewtwo is caught in those versions, hes in a cave at level 50 I think…its near the end of the game after a while of work that youll get to him the 3 legendary birds can also only be caugght on those versions and entei and the other 2 legendary dogs can onbly be caught in the silver and gold version…perhaps the crystal version too in not sure theres probably a specific link cable you can buy that connects to both consols so you can trade them into your newer one

Answer #6

you have to use wi fi conection but if a friend has pokemon platinum you can trade them for zapdos moltres articono because in the new platinum game you can catch the three rare pokemon. You can get gible from going to wayward cave but its a hidden entrance because the entrance is hidden under the bycicle track. The rest are either on GBA games, via connection(special events check for the latest events)or wifi connection. Hope this helps and if you want to now where other pokemon are found go on or pearl pokedex

Answer #7

if you want a gible go to orebrueg and you know where that tree is that is cuttable go there and under the bridge there is a cave go in it use strengh and go right(that is the only way)then there is a part where you need a bike go up then just keep dioing it until you get a gible for the 3 legendary birds migrate from fire red and leaf green and for mew and mewtwo its mirating from fire red and for entie use a action replay then go to the right and keep walking then you see new moon island and past it you can see another island go there and there he is then if you want more just keep going right and thats all I know sorry.

Answer #8

hey I know how to get zapdos articuno and moltres without palpark but you need pokemon platinum its verry simple you need national dex ok after obtained the national dex go to pal park prof oak should be there after you talk with him he will leave to his house the house is at eterna city go down to the house beside the cycling road there should be a house go inside and prof oak shoul be there talk to him then he says the 3 rare bird pokemons is here you need marking map and some max repels but dont use pokeradar or you cant find them every time you run to a other place they will change locations go to the route north to eterna city go backwards and forwards and then they should come use max repel and run around in the grass Ps: national dex and pokemon platinum need dont use poke radar

Answer #9

finish the pal park walkthrough to get zapdos moltres and articono

Answer #10

for deoxys you need battle frontier

Answer #11

omg you guys forgot about pal park get a leafgreen and you cant get suicune,entei, and raiku,moltres, articuno, zapdos, and mewtwo.get emerald for rayquaze, kyogre, and groudon, and gible is in wayward cave. also you can catch 3 legendaries called reigigas, heatran, and giratina

Answer #12

You cant get any of them there not available on the game unless you trade,but you cant because they were in the earlier games which had different systems so your last option is to use a game shark =D

Answer #13

ok man, you can catch gible by going to the eterna town’s bycycle rout and when you get to it, go through it and when you exit, there will be some shrubs cutable, cut them go through and go to the end, there is a cave but ignore it ( you should be on rout 206) and to get to the end you should think about useing a super repel just to get to the end, but before reaching the tunel you should be able to go to the left at the rocks, keep trying to go into the rocks ten stepsto the left and you should be able to go inside , when inside use the strength and go to the left, use your bike and jump the rocks and the super repel should wear off by then, from there its just the matter of finding and catching it, I hope I helped though and be warned, he is hard to catch!

Answer #14

All these people are retards I think you can only get the three ledenday birds in platium nut I’m not sure and try to unlock the others wit hnintendo events.

Answer #15

I know how to get the three birds. get ya national pokedex and talk to profresser oak in enterna city

Answer #16

the three legendary birds can be found very easily in pokemon leaf green and fire red

gible is VERY hard to find- but can be found in a secret cave near wayward cave [the cave under cyleing road]- the secret cave is found in place were you can walk under into a tunnel and keep trying to randomly guess were it is- [it isnt really that hard]. the secret cave [to be more precise is right next to the one you can easily see but there is so stupid thing in the way so just walk around it start trying

-hope it helps! -Jayden

Answer #17

you can catch unlockable pokemon in the pal park but I’m not sure is you get to keep them .to get to the pal park you have to keep surfing right from sadgem town.

sorry for the spelling sadgem town is next to twin leaf town and twin leaf town is where you start the game.

hope this helps

Answer #18

you can catch unlockalble pokemon in the pal park but im not sure if you get to keep them and to get to the pal pak you have to keep surfing right from sadgem town beach

sorry for the spelling but it is the town next to twin leaf town which is where you start the game

Answer #19

well if you want mewtwo go to a website called

Answer #20

gible is go to the west side of the wayward cave.

Answer #21

to catch gibble go under cycling road and there shoulb be a secrete entrance if you go in you should get attacted by a level 23 to 27 gibble

Answer #22

to catch gibble you have to go to wayward cave and go under cycling road cause theres a secert entrence ander it and walk around in the cave you should get attacted by a level 23 to 27 gibble good luck

Answer #23

to get the dogs you have to have leaf green or fire red. it depends on what starter you choose (bulbasaur= entei,charmander= suicune, and squirtle= raikou) but you have to deafeat the elite four in order to get the next pokedex so once you get it. you can walk around where ever and hoefully find the dog you are looking for

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