How do i treat dry and flaky ear piercings?

I just got my ears pierced about a week ago and recently the skin around the piercing became dry. I tried to put vaseline and neosporin on it but it became really dry and flaky. Please help

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First of all.

Skip the alcohol, Skip the peroxide. Alcohol dries the skin very badly, and peroxide, while it makes sense to use it, does more damage than good. Peroxide eats bacteria, both good and bad, leaving it more vulnerable to infection.

Keep in mind, you have just inflicted a wound into your body. You've punctured your ear. The ear will scab and create "crusties" around it as it heals. You'll notice later moreso when they stick to the earring itself and one "grazes" the inside of the actual piercing hole... you'll hate me for warning you of that.

The product I've used on all of my piercings (minus tongue), is called Bactene. Recommended by every piercer I've ever met. Mind you, I got my ears pierced with an 18 gauge, they're currently 0ga... I've used this stuff, and never had an infection.

Clean it/them about 3 times a day, you dont' want to overdo it, overcleaning can cause infection as well.

Good luck.

P.S. - If all else fails, don't take it out. Minor infection can heal with the piercing in, piercing won't go back in if you take it out though, not without high amounts of excruciating pain.

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Try getting vitamin E and poping it and pour some on the piercing leave it there for about 5 to 10 min then remove it with cold water

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use alcohol to clean the area daily like three times a day and dont wear any earrings till its COMPLETLY for me. oh! and before I forget! everytime before you put on earring(s) soak them in alcohol as well so they can disenfect and you wont have to go thru that again.

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I put on moisturizer. but first I clean it with alcohol even tho iit would dry it out more... but only to disenfect it incase it is infected... try not to put so much on because it would REALLy dry it out... only a dab. then moisturizer!!! but your skin will adjust don't worry

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ok..if its dry and flaky...I don't think you need moisturizer you need to clean it and good, its probably dried poos...I don't know how to say it but its that green yucky stuff...I have various piercings and the best you can do is clean it at least twice a dayand squish it a bit so all the green stuff come out...

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I use sea salt to clean mines because a friend of mine told me to but recently it got so dried and I dont know what to? what should I do, keep on using the sea salt and water or just leave it alone? p.s I have been using a piercing swab I got a from the earring store, I NEED HELP!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO???

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but I didn't read right : ) if its around the piercing then she is right...just put vitamin a and d...called A&D... : )

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