How do I tell my cousin I love him?

First off, he’s my “First Cousin, Once Removed” being the son of my First Cousin. OK, well for starters [my first question on this site] I know I love him. I’m 15 he’s 16 and we both live in different states. I don’t need to know IF I should tell him or not, just HOW I should tell him. Like is there any sort of thing I have to do before I tell him? Or what? To whoever answers, do not tell me I shouldn’t tell him, because I won’t follow it. And I could care less if you agree with cousins being together. I just need to know how to tell him! Anyway, thank you.

Answer #1

sgt harris…That may be you advice. But try reading the question next time. I didn’t ask IF I should be with him, I asked HOW I should tell him. So your advice automatically does not apply to this question. And actually, Pinkpearls facts are correct and so are yours. First Cousins having a kid only hold a 3 - 6% chance of a birth defect. Normal couples hold a 2% chance. In my case, well, I’m still trying to find out, but since it’s be like having a kid with you second cousin it’d have the smae percentage and I’d have to look that up.

So, while you are right… The percentage is not that high. As a matter of fact 4th cousins are pratically strangers. So I’s say since my case is down the middle, about 3 -4%, but as I said, I’ll have to look that one up. And if you are so fine with it, why are you making such a big deal when your “advice” doesn’t even apply to my question?

Answer #2

Sgt harris, that’s not considered incest or unsafe, by the medical, or religious or legal communties. It’s perfectly ok, there is no greater risk of birth defects by marrying a second cousin or cousin once removed. It’s just your opinion that it’s sick.

Historically, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein married first cousins. Einstein and JS BAch married second cousins.

Currently – Rudy Giulani, ex mayor of NY, married his second cousin once removed.

So my answer to the original poster would be, sometimes actions speak louder than words, and I’d say, say it when you know the time is right, and thats what he knows you’re going to say. It’s a special moment and should not been done as an “announcement” or a confession or a revelation. It should be a shared, emotional moment when it decides to pop out of your mouth :) trust me, dont plan it, those three words will come out when they’re ready :)

Answer #3

@alesha aliyah khan: Thank you. I see someone has finally given a mature reply to this! And the best part is, the advice you gave didn’t suck! Finally! And I know it could turn out bad… I don’t care. I’ve never cared about anything until now.

@sgt harris: Yeah, I know. Actually by my standards it’s all-fine n’ good! It’s my life, I just needed a bit of help. And I hate small children, I have ever since one of my lil’ cousins [again, once removed] was born. She’s 8 now and much better than she was but her lil’ brother is about 3 and I never want to put up with a kid. And I never tried to “justify” it. You made that assumption.

@melyssa: I think we’ve already covered that, sweetheart. I actually am medicaly ill, thank you very much. Not to mention I’m one of the biggest smart-asses on the planet. But thank you for pointing the clear as mud out to us!

Answer #4

Hi.I am in the same situation. I fancy my mum’s cousin, so I think we are first cousins once removed aswell, right ?. I want to tell him, but not sure how to. So maybe we can help each other while we are in the same situation ?

Answer #5

Hi there.I’m in the same situation. I fancy my mum’s cousin, so I think we are also first cousins once removed, right ?. I havent told him, but I would like to tell him. I’m not sure whether we should act on it or not.

I dont know how he feels about me, what do you think of this ?. He has smiled at me a lot, asked if I have a boyfriend afew times, danced with me at a party and bought me a drink, things like that.

Maybe we could help each other with our situations ?.

Answer #6

just tell him how you feel about him I would just come out with it you will not know if he feels the same until you tell him that you love him more den cousins

Answer #7

LOL. sarge, the offspring of first cousins have as many birth defects as the offspring of 41 year old women, and I don’t hear anyone protesting that 41 yr old females should not get married.

Answer #8

When you feel that you are ready to ask the question, try and get him on your own in a quiet place away from distraction. Just tell him that there is something that he should know ie how you have been feeling about him and that you like him a lot & more than a cusion etc. there is the possibility that it could turn out bad but you’ll get over it…anyways good luck!!!

Answer #9

ummm sweetie the son of first cousin is still your blood cousin…so with that being said…STOP!!!…thats sick…u are blood relatives…not only is that wrong by all standards but just think about it…if you two were to have kids they could come out alll f*cked up because their DNA would not be diverse enough…get a clue stop trying to justify incest…its just sick

Answer #10

I love-love him. As in more than a cousin. If it was just a family thing I’d say it like I always do. But it’s not, it’s intiment[sp?] love.

Answer #11

Yes. I said “The son of my First Cousin” thus meaning he is my First Cousin, Once Removed. Yeah, we’re cousins. Just not First Cousins…Exactly.

Answer #12

PINKPEARL…get your facts straight a son of a blood relative is still a blood relative and it has been proven that children born of blood relatives have a greater risk of birth defects…I dont care how many people you say married their relatives it doesnt change facts…I dont care what this girl does with her life…whatever makes her happy is fine with me…however my ADVISE is to not be trying to start relationships with blood relatives cause it can cause all kinda problems that im not sure she wants to deal with

Answer #13

hi, im in the same situation too, but im a boy loving a girl. I love my cousin and I want her to tell me she loves me. I think its just best you tell him you love him and not wait for him to tell you that. just take him out, have fun with him and then tell him you love him.

Answer #14

r you sayin you love him intimately or just like family

Answer #15

With MILLIONS of boys in the world, you dont need to get involved with a blood relative!

Answer #16

so you’re cousins or not?

Answer #17

wow your sick

Answer #18

Oh… I told him by the way. I said I was going to, did I not?

Well, hot damn I was right, who would have ever thought it? Oh wait… Me. He loves me back - and apparently it was rather obvious to some people! Ah… I love him too much, but more than any other person will ever love him that’s for sure. And I know he loves me too, and he treats me real good also - like a Lady. And damn, it’s about time I got that kind of treatment!

But I told him~ And I’m the happiest I have ever been since I was 2 years old!

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Answer #20

no offense but ew.

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Answer #22

Ik it’s been awhile since anyone has posted on this but I have that problem too. I am a 16 year old girl and I love my 30 year old first cousin! Everyone I’ve told says it’s just a crush and that I should get over it! I think that he is the one for me though: when I see him I can help but smile! He is always making me laugh, always making sure I am okay! Always looking into my eyes in a deep connection. Complimenting me, always by me! I’ve gotten to know him this past year! We was in the military for the past 10 so I never really saw him. I love him with all my heart! He doesn’t act like a 30 year old but like a 16 year old! Idk what to do! If anyone is still reading this, please help me! I think he likes me but then idk!

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