How do I stop playing an addicting game?

Okay some of you might of heard of this game Runescape. But I am addicted to it and it’s starting to get in the way of EVERYTHING! So I need some advice on how to stop playing all the time.

Answer #1

omg I have the same problem! grades are slipping in college classes, I caught myself skipping classes 3 days in a row just to play it, I’ve skipped meals because of it…I need help too! =/

Answer #2

To stop playing runescape is easy, give away all your accounts and say no more, if you were addicted your accounts probably had all of your junk on them and you would have to start over…so just give it all away and let the berdon be carryed by some1 else.

Answer #3

Like omg I play runescape everyday and it screwed me up in school bad time but im good now but I still play it! But anyways my name on runecsape is samanthapoo

Answer #4

Dear bears312, Ya, Runescape is pretty cool. So when we do things to excess and it interferes with our quality of life and when we stop we can’t think about anything else and we even get edgy till we can play again we are describing an addiction. Unfortunately just like a substance addiction it is impossible to do it only a little or to schedule only a short time to play…it’s like saying to an alcoholic you can only have one drink at 6:00pm. It just doesn’t work that way. There are computer addiction centres in places like Switzerland for games like WOW for a reason. So the bad news is you treat it like you are in rehab…you give it up totally. Sue…good luck

Answer #5

I’ve certainly seen a few semesters where my grades slipped due to computer gaming and when I went to college the games we had were not nearly as compelling as today’s games.

Anyway, for me the problem wasn’t so much the games but it was procrastination. If I wasn’t procrastinating playing computer games I would have been reading or partying with friends. Computer games were simply a good way to procrastinate.

If you are going to play Runescape you simply have to do your homework first. Also, set an alarm clock so you will not loose track of time and play all night; don’t let yourself miss classes or walk around like a zombie all day for lack of sleep.

If you are going to go cold turkey just quit playing. I suspect that if you quit Runescape you will not instantly become an organized productive student; you will have to fight your tendency to procrastinate even with Runescape out of the picture.

Answer #6

I no how addicting it is I cant stop playing ethier

Answer #7

I love runescape so much and now im failing oh well

Answer #8

Just put it away and dont play intil your done.

Answer #9

I don’t know probably by playing it 4 about 2 hours everyday. and then the week after go 2 1 hour everyday and then the week after 30 minutes.

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