How do i stop performance anxiety??

Ok so I've been singing since I knew what singing was...when I was a kid I had no problem singing in front of people.. when I hit like 12-13, outta nowhere I was so scared to sing it didnt make no sense..nothing traumatic happend to me or anything..I dont know what it was..I sing VERY good.. when I was in 8th grade I signed myself up to go to a performing arts school for high school..when I went to the school I signed up for singing.. not knowing I had to audition.. the teacher turned around for me tho I sagn a TEENY bit and got accepted.well being in that school you have to pass your performing arts major to go to the next grade.. every friday our vocal class had the day where we had to have just background tracks to music and sing infront of the WHOLE class.. I deff failed.. I sang ONE time.. and got a perfect score.. I didnt even make it threw the whole song because I started getting scared when people started sayin how good I was my arms legs and everything started to shake and I dropd the Mic. I never went back up. I always had an excuse for why I couldnt sing.I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years and he has NEVER heard me sing before and I want to sing for him so bad but dont have it in me I get SUPER nervous when anyone wants to hear me.. I just cant do it ..when american idol came out I thought I figured it all out.. I was too scared to sign up!!! now every single year I watch auditions and YES I cry during the auditions esp when I hear someone make it that I know dam well I sing better then them. I really want to sing outloud but im so scared!!!

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look don't worrry I always panic infront of people but what I started doing is looking into space and after a while you forget that there is anyone listening sorry if this doesn't help but there is always councelling/therapy that you could try.

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Believe it or not, most people are scared before they perform, even world famous artists get freaked out.

Have you spoken to anyone telling them you are scared? Sometimes telling people before you are to perform helps a lot, maybe your teacher at school, your boyfriend, your mother or someone who supports you.

Also if it is that bad that you just can't face your fears, ask your doctor for a light calming pill that you can use before you have to perform to take the edge of. Just please use it to help you get over your fear and not permanently.

Then lastly the best way is to just do it, difficult, stressful, but it is the only way that you can truly get over the fear.

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im the same as you with the whole no prob before now I have a prob. no matter how many complements on your voice you get you stil fel as if you arnt quite goo denough.
I learned its all confidence, tell yourself "I know this, im gonna rock." or somethin like that. you will be just fine and when your on stage it also helps to get the people involved like have them clap their hands to the beat or sway with you. it helps to know they are into the song as much as you are

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