How do i stop being tall?

I am almost 18 but I keep growing I am 5'11...I hate being tall..everyone I hang out with is normal height liks 5'3 5'6..I mean its not cool when everyone around me is the same or almost the same height and I am the one who looks like a banana sticking out in the middle lol..u get my point... What do I stop eating that will make me stop growing? Or shrink

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There isn't much you can do to 'shrink' your tallness, just blame your misfortune on one or both of your parents for inheriting one of their tall genes. :)

Do not be discourage I'm sure you will stop growing soon. Remember there are more guys out there who are 5'11 and over then there are short guys. Your friends are short but do not be self conscious, I'm 100% certain, some of them wish they were taller.

Being tall can be a blessing in disguise as you can put on heaps of weight and no-one will notice. But a person who is 5’6 and under, cannot get away with being too overweight as they do not have the height to balance their chubbiness off. A human earth ball isn't a good look. ;) (an earth ball looks like a massive beach ball that people climb on, it's a lot of fun but you have to be fit to get to the top of the ball).

I read somewhere (wish I had the article so I can give you the link) that working people who are tall do go further in the organisation ladders. Most managers and high flyers in large corporations are not 'little people' pardon the pun. Also too, notice how wealthy some models can be, they make money from being blessed with height, looks etc and use their tallness to their advantage.

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I have the same problem... but im only 14 and 5'11" so yeh. I tower over l;ike everyone I know/ I guess you just gotta live with what evolution/genes gave u

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well your lucky I am short

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you can't do anything i'm afraid, its all down to your genes.
i guess i'm lucky i'm the same height as the 2 lads in my class.. we're all around 5'6 7 or 8" and thats an ok height.
but dude, we're all 16 this year.
and my bros only 14 and is 6foot2/3!!
being tall has its advantages man, some ladys LOVE tall men.
try joining a gym, cus maybe if your quite skinny if u got some muscles you'd feeling better and maybe look less tall? could be an option?

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