How do I say goodbye to my baby Zoe ...

My baby Zoe came into my life when she was only 4 weeks old. When I saw her I instantly fell in love and new she was a special kitten. She turned out to be the world to me. On Christmas Eve she was diagnosed with an aggressive tumour in her leg, I noticed a lump and she was limping a day before. After several tests,biopsies etc, the histiology shows that it is a malignant Invasive Carcinoma and gave me 2 options:

  1. Amputate her leg , with an 80% chance that the cancer will spread eventually to other vital organs, lungs, lymphnode etc and only live for 2 months. and only a 20% of survival and full recovery.

  2. Spend a couple weeks with her, love her and then say goodbye, putting her to sleep.

While I am hanging onto the hope that she may fall in the 20% , I cant bare the thought of her losing a leg, needing 2 months to recover from it and possibly suffering again from another tumour somewhere else. Then on the other hand I find it difficult to put her down , not knowing if she would survive and be in the exceptional 20% margin. Either way I feel I wont win and the doctor is trying to reassure me that whatever I decide will be the right choice no matter what.

Im not sure if anyone can imagine how much joy a little cat can give a human being. Shes communicated with me without talking and has slept by myside for over 9 years every single night. The last few nights she has placed her paw on my face at night, patting it gently. I almost feel as if she is trying to ease my pain.

I was just wondering if anyone has gone through something similar. has advice or possible has a cat that has overcome the same situation. I guess im hanging onto hope…

in the later part of this evening, I think I have gravitate more towards loving her for a couple more weeks and saying goodbye. Although that will be the hardest day of my life…I never imagined I would say goodbye so soon…

Thank you for reading… Joseph

Answer #1

I know how you feel, a similar thing happen to my cat Tiger. my cats are my babies and it broke my heart when I found out Tiger had very bad liver cancer. it was untreatable, so I didn’t have the difficult choice you have. my only choice was to have her put to sleep the day she was diagnosed or let her live her last days with me and my other 2 cats at home. she was weak and slept a lot, but she was not in pain. therefore I decided she would live her last days at home surronded by love.

it’s up to you what you do. personally I’d do anything I could to keep my cats alive and well. but cause of the bad odds I would very much understand the pain of your choice.

I’ll be thinking of you and your cat. feel free to chat to me. hugs x

Answer #2

I am sorry to hear about your cat. It is very hard to say goodby to a pet. Some people don’t realize how attached you can get, and how they become like a member of your family. My first cat lived for 16 years. He slept with me every night and was always sitting next to me. Sounds odd but he was my best friend so I can imagine how your feeling. It took me a while to stop hurting after he passed. I have a couple of cats, dogs too, so in time if Zoe passes another little friend will come to you that is in need. If it were me I would just be sure and get a second opinion from another vet unless your sure. There is no time limit on how long she will be ok though, so just love her and cherish her until you feel its the right time, as long as she is happy and not suffering dont rush anything.

Answer #3

I’m so sorry- I can’t imagine how hard this must be. I love my cat so much, it’s almost like she’s my child.

I second the idea of going for the 2 weeks of love, and then letting go. It’s very hard… I’ve had it happen twice to me before, with 2 cats that I’ve had since I was in nappies. But even with all the hurt, you do move on. I still feel sad about my cats who have passed on, but I loved them both so much, the good memories far outweigh the bad. I’m just happy they’re not in pain anymore, and their deaths were painless. One was put down, because she was really old and suffering from kidney failure. We had her on this special kidney diet food to prolong her life, and she often wouldn’t eat it. She was clearly miserable, so one day my dad said “flag the diet, let her go as a happy, contented cat.” The other went to sleep soon after eating dinner, had a stomach ulcer bleed out, and I was told she would have died feeling tired, full, and content. Remember, you don’t want to put Zoe through pain, especially not for your gain.

It really is a case of, if you love her, set her free. The odds of her beating this aren’t to crash hot, and she’ll be in a lot of pain. Just think about what you would want if you were in her position.

Best of luck to you.

Answer #4

Its a very tough decision but I would say its better to have the few weeks with her when she’s happy and has all her limbs. Make sure that she enjoys the weeks you have together and buy her nice toys and treats :)

I know what your going through, best of luck ~el

Answer #5

I agree with kozue. If you have its leg amputated then you are only making it suffer more for you to be able to see it. So just spend a couple more weeks and put it to sleep.

Answer #6

If I were you,I’ll choose to love my pet for a couple more weeks then put it to sleep.And of course it will be very sad..But every life have to end..Tell yourself that your pet is just moving to the heaven..

Answer #7

this is going to sound really weird but I think you should ask your cat! Look at your cat and you can tell if she is in pain.if not let her live her last few weeks…if she looks that she is in pain…either get the treatment or get her put down. If she is in pain…help her and get something done.

I’m so sorry!

Answer #8

As everyone has said…loving her up for two weeks…like kind of “absorbing” her into your heart, would let her know how much you love her…and let you see how much she loves you. The day will come when you will know that it’s time…you’ll see it in her eyes, and the question, “now??” will disappear…you will just know.

I know this is so very hard…but I also know that when we take an animal into our hearts and care for it, and love it for it’s whole life…part of the responsiblity we’ve taken on, is to not let it suffer.

I also know that down the road…and you will know this, too, when the right time comes…you’ll take another into your heart…not a “replacement”, but another sweet kitty to fill the empty place in your heart…

I’m truly sorry for your loss.


Answer #9

I would spend the time you have left. She may be ok for many more months,weeksdays maybe years. I wish you the best :(

Answer #10

imam so sorry but you should go the 2 weeks and that way she enjoys her last days on earth. she’ll be happy you let her down in heaven. Sorry again

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