How do I meet the Jonas brothers?

I know like everybody loves Joe but I want to get to know Nick and Joe. How?

Answer #1

I went to one of their concerts it was really cool me and my friend got there early this one girl said frankie and their mom came out and said hi.

Answer #2

ha ha I’ve met them-they were really nice to me and my friend and nick said we looked beautiful :) but the girl who said she has nick’s number, and the girl who says she’s been to their house are both lying. they would never do that :P

Answer #3

well you can join team jonas and then youll be able to get meet and greet passes..I’ve meet them 25 times and now I have nicks just kinda have to say like the first time you meet them “remember this face” lol and then the next time be like so do you remember hah and then theyll laugh and be like your cool ..:D

Answer #4

x0nickjisluvex0 you are such a liar.. nick doesnt just give his number to people he meets. Even if you did meet them a lot he wouldnt just give you his number!

So I know you are lieing about having his number.

Answer #5

oky so xxbeautifultragediesxx the jonas brothers are not 14 they are 15,19,and 20 and if they had no talent than they would not be as famous as they are right now. and if you don’t like them so much why are you even looking at this page.

Answer #6

i know them! i have met them like 60 times and me and my friend meyghan were at the mall and we saw them and there like weve seen you guys so much do yall wanna come to our house for a little? so we went to there house and chilled in Nicks room and stuff… omg frakie jonas is so freaking cool…!!

Answer #7

in your dreams…


Answer #8

Well you can go to one of their concerts. If you get there super super early, a lot of times they will have Meet and Greets, where the band will meet with fans and sign stuff. Check out if concerts are coming near you with Meet and Greets scheduled.

Good luck!

Answer #9

6minutesrica that helps thankks!:) I want to meet them so bad lucky for everyone whos met like “like 25 times”

girl who says that you hung out with them and saw them at the mall

I dont believe you they dont just go to malls.


Answer #10

go to one of their performs to see them !!! DUH!

Answer #11

why would you want to

Answer #12

ok first of all nick is 15, joe is 18, and kevin is 20. just goes to show what big fans you are. hahaa.

go to their concert really early before everyone else gets there. most of their shows start at 7 so get there at like 2 when theyre doing nothing, becuase usually their soundcheck is over by now.

Answer #13

whatever beutifulltradgedies that is what I expect a person who is jealous to say

Answer #14

no you wont there ours lozers

Answer #15

how early is super early??

Answer #16

you don’t because you don’t really know them

Answer #17

exactly how early is super early?

Answer #18

Hello ! I know one way.. you should try to enter at and pay about 35 dollars, and than when they hae a meet and greet you can go ! =D

My english is bad, I’m brazilian

Answer #19

omg me and my bffl lexii went to their concert on july 23rd it was awesome and guess what I mett JOHN TAYLOR omg he was sooo cool I got pictures with him it was awesome!

Answer #20

Hmmm, well let’s see what weve got here.ANOTHER LOSER!!! Get a life, Nick’s MY MAN!!!

Answer #21

h3y i want 2 meet nickand other brother and i do have to be there early ?

Answer #22

no you wont there are lozers

Answer #23

wow, You are all nuts, the Jonas Brothers are just regular people like you and me. You all really need to calm down. If you want to meet the Jonas brothers all you have to do is go to a meet and greet and wait in line. You will meet them that way.

Answer #24

you all are nuts.

Answer #25

Heyy! Well, my friend Mandy has met the JB’s at least twice. What she does is she looks up meet and greets near where she lives and then goes to that place whenever it’s happeneing. I’m not sure if it costs $$ but I think it’s usually at an amusement park, so you’d probably have to pay that fee. Hope that helps?! :)

Answer #26

wow some of you are reallyyy bad at lying. but I stayed at the same hotel as the jonas brothers when I went to there concert. I never got to see them but I saw john taylor and jordin sparks!

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