How do i make myself squirt when i finger myself?

I finger myself and have orgasms but I want to squirt for my boyfriend

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It helps if you understand the physiological process that occurs when squirting. next to the top wall of your vagina is a set of tissues called the skein glands (pronounced skeen) . when you become very aroused the fill with the female ejaculate. during sex many women feel that they have the urge to pee and will hold it back until after their done then they go to the restroom. the urge actually came from the filled skein glands putting pressure on the bladder. what you need to do rather than fight it is to actually relax and push out in the same way you would go to the bathroom. this may seem and feel unnatural at first, but keep in mind that the skein glands are connected to the urethra and that is where the ejaculate will come from. Also, during arousal, special muscles constrict the urethra and effectively close off the bladder from the urethra making it near impossible for you to urinate, similar to a man's erection. It will take some practice and when you first start squirting only a little might come out. you need to make sure that you are absolutely comfortable with your boyfriend when learning, if you have in the back of your mind that this is weird or your afraid that your going to gross him out, you will subconsciously not allow yourself to succeed. keep that in mind and I hope that helped.

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Rub your clit and go as fast as you can

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