How do I make myself look older

I want to look older so I can get into a rave im only 15 but I want to look 18 so I can get in the rve is on the 19th of may so I need help straight away !!

Answer #1

I’ve got an amusing story about making “yourself older”. When I was 19, all I wanted in life was to be 2 years older, mainly so I could go w/ my friends to the bars, etc… Well, I decided to take my birth certificate and change the date, from 1976 to 1971. This was pretty easy, I just got an eraser that will get rid of pen; I was lucky in that my birth certificate was filled out in “pen” and not typed, also, the date was not “written out”, it was only in numerals. I can’t tell you how nervous I was when I gave it to the clerk at the DMV; because I was simply getting a state ID (not a new drivers lic.) there was a lot less info they had to check. Well, somehow I accually pulled it off, I could barley contain myself when they went to take my picture w/ the “over 21” background behind me. By the by, I’m not suggesting this at all, just telling my story.

Answer #2

Im 21 and to be honest the clubs are not all that great nasty old drunk guys trying to hit on gross.. And its always hot and my ears hurt the next day… Plus I always get a horrible stomach ache. Its so not worth it.

Answer #3

it really depends,you have to look 20 to enter a 18 bar…they may check your id

Answer #4

well try a little thin line of black eyeliner on the top only! Add a little mascara and your done dont need anything else!

Answer #5

kay so. I know that the rave has already passed. but I just want to throw this out there. NOT ONLY DO YOU HAVE TO LOOK OLDER, YOU HAVE TO ACT OLDER. if your dressed older, and still act like a little kid then no one will buy it. im sixteen and people mistake me for being 21 all of the time. I think that it is becasue I don’t try to wear so much makeup that I look like I was playing dressup, and I don’t dress “professional” because that just makes it look like you are trying to be old. just wear your normal clothes, some makeup, not a lot of it, but just enough to look well done. annnd act confident.

Answer #6

There are only a few things to look forward to in life, let this be ONE of them…They have an age limit for a reason, If you would actually go…you may get yourself into a situation that you can’t get out of, because you don’t have the maturity nor the wisdom to get out of it…Trust me, once you get older, you will wish you were younger…It’s really hard to be satisfied w/ the age that you are, but just try…It will make you happier in the future.

Answer #7

yeah its illegal. please dont do this honey! youre going to have to tell him youre younger than he thought you were eventually anyway. just find someone your age to two years older than you.

Answer #8
  1. Skinny shoulders and a small build imply younth. Also, large eyes relative to face size also imply youth. I have both of those things. I can’t do much about my eye size, but I can apply makeup so it makes my eyes more understated. Go to a makeup counter at the mall and ask for advice. I also try to wear tops that broaden my shoulders, or bottoms that make my top look broader.

  2. Posture is also important. If you walk with your shoulders turned forward you look less confident and if you have a young build, it makes you look like a sheepish teenager. I am 28 and people think I am 19. It is very very frustrating since I am very educated but have some confidence issues and it hurts my credibility in my field. If I looked older naturally, then I think my confidence issues would be obscured a bit more.

  3. Speech. Saying “like” all the time, and making cutesy jokes and having a nervous laugh makes you seem young.

Traits that make a person appear young are the same that make him or her appear to lack confidence. Try looking up “how to appear confident” in google, too. A lot of the tips will help you look older, too.

Answer #9

eye liner, blue eyeshadow, scruntch your hair with mouse, and wear heals with skinny jeans or TNA pants

Answer #10

Making yourself look older will only make you vulnerable to men, but if that’s what you really want, a sophisticated haircut always works. Most teen girls just have blunt, non-styled hair, so a great cut and color really stands out. Try wearing a lot of make-up and dress really professional and, well mature.

Answer #11

Yeah 14, and 23 are quite the difference. I won’t lie though, when I was 15, I dated a 17 year old, and at 17, I dated a 25 year old (though, I was about to turn 18). 14 and 23 are pretty dramatic. I can remember at 14, though I thought I was mature for my age, I wouldn’t go past 16 MAYBE 17, hun. You have to ask yourself, why is a man this old stooping down so low? hmm..

ps. Don’t fake your age! It only creates disasters.

Answer #12

I wear ultra high heels, not because im short, im 5’10 and ultra slutty clothes, boobs out for the bouncers and fag in hand, I look 21! Make up should not be over done either its a give away!

Answer #13

To the 14 year old… I know your gonna b thinkin great another lecture why doesnt anyone understand etc. but please read this because I met up with a guy I met online once. he was only 3 years older than me but I realise now that that was still a bit too old for me. I noticed when it was too late that he was actually only after 1 thing and although I told him I wasnt interested in feb he still talks to me/ harasses me so you really need to stop talking to him asap. this guy could actually be classed as a paedophile as you are under 16. all meeting him did was worry my friends and stop my parents from trusting me as although they still dont know how I met him, they know I was seeing him behind their back. im so glad I realised what hes like. good luck

Answer #14

Jesssiee When You Was 14 Dont Tell Us You DiDt Want To Go Clubbing

WHat I Do Is : Put Light Fondation On : Thick eyliner only on the bottem : Have a Straight Fringe : Scrunch My Hair Up With Mouse : And Put a alice band In to Seperate my straight fringe

: I Would Wear Skinny Jeggings : A Black Strap Top (Underneath)

: Then A Big Top Over It And finish With A belt

: Im 13 By The Way and I Went To A 18 Restricted Age NightClub The Other Night and im only 5-4 and Didt Get asked For ID this works for me and if your wondering if I Look Older In The Body Your Wrong Im Nearly Flat Chested But Have A Little Big Of A clivrage Hope It Works FOR you :)

Answer #15

im around that age and people tell me I look 18 .. if your face doesnt look it and your body doesnt then thers only so much you can do .. wear heels to make you look taller .. eye liner also works a lot but you gotta know how to put it on right under your eye by pulling your eye down and putting the liner on that lil thingy lol right above your lashes and padded bras tight pants um of corse a tight shirt hoop earings

Answer #16

First, you should get a new hair style. If your face shape is like Nicole Richies, you should get it a little longer than shoulder length, but if you have an oval or round shape, you should get long layers and maybe some side swept bengs. WEAR YOUR HAIR WAVY!!! That always makes me look older. or you could also just make a messy bun. That makes your jaw line pop out and then you look older. Just avoid the little puff thing that girls wear on there heads and also keep your hair full and then dark eye liner and youll look a lot older! I’m 15 also and I did exactly this and I got invited to one of those parties! If you follow what I said no way you wont!!!

Answer #17

wear heavy eyeliner! lots of makeup skinny jeans and if you have straight hair try beachy waves! oh and last thing wear heels!

Answer #18

I am 19 years old and this Saturday is my 20th birthday. I have been using my older sister’s ID (who is 4 years older than me) since I was about 17 or 18. For the most part, many people think we look EXACTLY alike, all I see is a ton of differences between us. But for my B-day Sat. night, me and a big group of people are going to a night club and all I want is to be able to walk through the entrance door using my sister’s ID so I can get a bracelet to drink inside. Most people say I could pass for a 15 or 16 yr old so I guess that won’t help. I wear my makeup good enough to help me look abt 2 years older (my actual age) lol but any tips on what I should wear? By the way, the entire group I’m going with is 22 and older. so if I just walk in with them I should have no problem, right? Any tips on what I should do if they stop and question me? thats what im the most nervous about!!!

Answer #19

someone 23 with a 14 year old; he could end up becoming a sex offender [pedophile]. He would have to carry that the rest of his life. For his safety, and yours… say bye.

About wanting to be older: being older doesnt only allow you to do more things; but it also means more responsibility. You are expected to behave certain ways, and if you dont.. you get into trouble. My advise: if you are 14, enjoy doing and being a 14 year old. Some of my best memories came from when I was 13. Whatever age you are, enjoy it to the max. Life is short, and you only get one shot at being 13,or 14, or 15 or, etc etc.


Answer #20

to the 14 year old. thats disgusting. if he needs to be talking to a 14 year old then hes not going to care what you look like hes just a pig. dont meet him youll regret it. Anyway… im 18 and I look 16 but its ok because when im older ill like it. I always get id’d but I don;t when my hair is curly. Deffinately do your makeup the right way not too much but natural and sophisticated.

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