How do i make it up to him?

hey I was just wondering if anyone could give me any ideas on what I can do for my boyfriend? I told him yesterday that he always does things for me (sexually) and I wanted to do something for him, and I asked him what he'd want me to do, but then he said that he didn't mind and that I could do whatever I wanted. So he basically he said expirement ...
He's my first ever boyfriend whom I'm intimate with and so I'm not experienced with the whole experimenting thing and I'm worried that I'll do something wrong.

Does anyone have any tips as to what I can do for him? And that doesn't include hand jobs or blow jobs ? ;)
So except those two things I'm not ready to do to him yet, what other things can I do to get him going?

Thank you :)

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okae you should make it up 2 him by I like wearing sexii stuff before you guys get intiment or make a day were you just tell him to lay back and relax and you do all tha pleasing 4 him while he just lays back and enjoys hand jobs and blow jobs arent a big part and making your boyfriend feel good anyways there just extra things so you don't have 2 worrie about those.

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2 words. DRY HUMP.He'll be hard as a rubix cube

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