How can I look cool skateboarding wearing all this safety stuff?

my mom says I cant skateboard any more if I dont were my safety gear. but I love to skateboard and I look like I a dork and a skatebaorder want to be and my friends laugh at me and I really want to look cool and make sure I can still skateboard plus I want to impresse my friends but my mom says skateboarding isnt worth it if I keep getting hurt cause I almost had to get stiches agian. but the propblem with saftey gear is a its impossible to keep track of and it cramps my skate look. I hate looking like a skater want to be pleses help!!!

Answer #1

well you usually only see pros wearing sh t like that while on the fagot vert ramp(no offense) .take a look at some skate vids and you will see them wearing a helmet in a skate park but on on a switch 360 flip over a 6 flat 7 somewhere in barcelona!

Answer #2

I skate all the time…actually for 7 years now! I wear a helmet and I wear jackets over my elbow pads and pants ovr my knee pads! its no big deal! when you go to a skatepark next time, look around! everyone will be wearin some kind of safety gear! next time your frnds say something look at thm and say hey id rather be wear this stuff and looking dorky thn in the hospital because I didnt! thn you will feel so much bbtr bout urself and plus your looks! dont worry it will be fine!!!

Answer #3

Don’t wear the safety gear, and actually I find it really annoying, and harder to do anything. Skate when your mom’s not around. And don’t get hurt, she won’t know.

Answer #4

Wear long sleeves and jeans to cover up knee pads and elbow pads.And for a helmet just decorate it or practice enough to where your parrents dont mind you not wearing it.

Answer #5

Practice with the gear on, and then if you really want to get hurt, take it off when you’re not around your mom. Of course, make sure you have a cell phone or a buddy in case you wreck & you need to go to the hospital or call 911.

Answer #6

doesnt matter to me. always looks cool if it fits and if its like a really awesome brand besides why wouldnt you wear a helmet??? or safety thigys??? if you dont like it decorate it! lol with stickas and more stickas

Answer #7

just get some narly looking gear

Answer #8

I have the same frikkin problem!!! lol.

Answer #9

dude…u wanna keep ur board,keep the helmet on!!

Answer #10

cover the helmet with stickers and wear your clothes over the top of the pads

Answer #11

You always look cooler alive then dead..wear it.

Answer #12

where loose jeans put the knee pads below that where a hoodie where the elbow pads below that and if you can without looking stupid either put the hood over the helmet or if that looks stupid put stickers on it

Answer #13

if you think you look like a dork and so do your friends, then that means that you dont think that you r confident enough. and if your friends think your a dork than that means that they really arent your friends. another tip is wear your pads under your clothes, wear cooler clothes, waer your pads under your clothes, and tell your friends that you dont care if you wear pads, meaning you dont want 2 get hurt and go 2 the hosipital.

Answer #14

okies here is how it goes, i have been skateboarding for 10 years, and at all the skateparks i have to wear gear, and you are right u do look like a dork, but to not look like 1 you should wear baggy pants over your knee pads, with your elbow pads u could wear long sleeve shirt over your elbow pads or get a cool color pads, now for the helmate, my best option for you is to get a white one and put lots of cool stickers on it like adio stickers, osiris stickers blobe stickers, stuff like that, so thats how u look cool while wearing safety gear

Answer #15

hey i skate and wear a helmet and knee pads so you shouldnt care wut ur friends think or about looking cool.if their really ur friends they wont care wut u look like.mine dont

Answer #16

I think that its ok to wear pads im 20 and I have pads on and skateboard sure my friends call me stupid but hey tell them you’d rather wear the safety gear then end up in the hospital.

Answer #17

Wear loose clothes and put stickers on your helmate

Answer #18

Put on your helmet and pads. Most kids don’t put on their headgear. I have seen some bad falls. It just takes once to be really screwed up.

Answer #19

Get you safety stuff soon i get mine from

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