How do I know if I can run wow ?

I try to put wow on my computer before but it said not enough ram or something. So I try to use system to try to find out what I needed it said something about cpu. So am confused on what I need? More ram or cpu what? I know how to put more ram in but I don’t know nothing about cpu help please??

Answer #1

You probably have an out-dated computer that needs both a new processor and more RAM. The processor would be difficult to get, as it is likely you will need to replace the motherboard as well, but google some information on your pc and see what type of RAM it needs.

If that isn’t working, shut your computer completely down, unplug the power and open it up. (Usually this is done by removing two screws on the back, but some models have four to six screws, while others just have a latch you have to pull to release the case door.)

After inside, find the piece of equipment that looks like the picture at this link:

Ignore the little men, they won’t be in there, but flip the two white latches on either side of the RAM chip (this will require a bit of pressure) and remove it from the motherboard, making sure to remember exactly where it was at and how to put it back in.

Write any numbers on the chip down and put it back into the computer, making sure the white tabs both snap down into place. Put the case back together, put your power back in and boot back up. Then just type the numbers in to google and it should tell you what kind of RAM you need.

After that, find a nice large stick of RAM online or at a computer store (like 512MB or 1GB).

Then just go buy it. If it is REALLY old RAM you need, it is likely you won’t find it anywhere for a reasonable price.

After you are sure you have the right RAM, follow the same steps and put the new RAM into one of the empty slots (or if its full, pull the older, small stick of RAM out and replace it with your new RAM stick)

PCs are getting really cheap these days - go out and buy one if you have to.

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