How do I kiss my boyfriend for the first time?

how do I kiss my boyfriend 4 the first time. im 13 and havnt had my first kiss yt so I don’t know how. his b-day is comin up and and he asked if I wud giv him a b-day kiss and I sed sure. I REALLY want 2 but I don’t know how!! pleez help me

Answer #1

okay, well im gonna just ignore the fact that you 13 and still a lip virgin. dont worry im JK-ing!! well I don’t know how to explain this but here goes.. okay well you probably want to know that you should turn you head to the right. (hopefully he knows this too! lol) and since its your first time you proabably want to keep you mouth closed but uh, thats totally up to you. well, thats pretty much all I can think to say. the rest you’ll kinda just..know. good luck!

p.s dont freak out, just relax! and dont think too much about relaxing, or you’ll freak out. lol.

Answer #2

I cant really give any advice…cause I dont really know myself…ma boyfriend wanted 2 do last friday but I pulled away sayin there was popcorn stuck in ma teeth lol but I wasnt ready 2 shame myself and I cant tell him I cant kiss

Answer #3

okay, first you hug eachother, then while your backing away from the hug stare into his eyes and tilt your head, then go in for the kiss, just do a light peck since its your first kiss… if you like it, then try another peck.

Answer #4

please I need help…I am 12 and I really like my boyfriend and I really want to kiss him,but I dont know how to kiss…and I really want it to make it romantic…please help me!!

Answer #5

Ok here are a few tips for your first kiss:

-be romantic

-first kiss him as in a peck, then kiss him but this time take his lip slightly in between your lips and pull gently backwards letting his lip go just away from his mouth then do this but before you pull away stick your tongue into his mouth(i know this doesn’t sound all that nice but it’s kinda hard to explain in a nice way lol) and gently swirl it around his mouth being carefully not to go to deep. Withdraw your tongue and pull away like when you didn’t do tongues then just do a mixture of all three of these kisses and take it from there.

-guys often like it also if you gently nibble their lip(usually bottom) but don’t worry too much about this as you don’t want to do it wrong and hurt the guy!-

-you could also try gently nibbling his ear but again GENTLY! or you could just kiss or gently play with his ear.

-pull away every now and then and just give him a peck. this gives you a chance to swallow extra saliva and also teases him a bit.


Hope this helped! Good luck.

Answer #6

I agree with colley. Take it slow, go with the flow, take cues from him, and let him know you have never done it before. There isn’t really a right or wrong way to do it. People have different styles and preferences.

Chocolate, not everyone turns their head to the right! There is no rule saying you have to! I remember when I was a kid and asked a friend for kissing tips, she also told me to turn to the right. Well, guess what. It didn’t work. That’s not the way the guy turned. Basically made for a very awkward moment. After that, I realized people are very different and there are no rules when it comes to this stuff. So I never asked anyone for tips again! Some people turn to the right, some turn to the left, and others alternate between the two! I have kissed a few people over the years, and all of them were a little bit different. So you never know exactly what it will be like.

Answer #7

well ask him if he is ready…we all know he is going to say yes.then go for it you both dont know how 2 kiss right so it dosen’t matter…just do it you both dont know if your good or not so you will find out..I dint know how to kiss 2… so one my bfriend ask me to welk with him he told m3 that people have been say when are we going to kiss so I said well how about now it just happen when we are done he told me that was the best kiss he hade have…so good luck…n relax..luv u

Answer #8

please help me…I am 12 and I really like my boyfriend and I really want to kiss him, and he want to kiss me too.but I don’t know how to kiss…and I really want it to it romantic… please help me!!!

Answer #9

I need help I almost kissed m boyfried yesterday at the movies but when he was about to kiss me on part in the movie was really funny and we both startEd laughing also my friends don’t like him for some reason what should I do about that he’s not the most cuteiest guy in the school but he’s cute to me and I think I lovehim and I think he loves me. Also my teachers are so strict an they said if they say any one kissing French kissing talking about sex or even huging in school they would or even talking about huging they will send us up to the prinicipal. So how should I kiss him then in the mix of it tell him I love him and remember I can’t do this at school

Answer #10

I need help plzzzZzzzZzzzZZ

Answer #11

dont stress,most of the guys usually make the first move towards you. and if he makes his move dont pull away because this is gonna lead to fear everytime and whenever he tries to kiss you. first time kiss is great, you should just go or drive the way he is doing it. if he turns left you turn right and that will give a good and pleasent kissing atmostphere. good luck girl.

Answer #12

kissing is a great thing I’ll help u. step1:first start with a hug it gives the mood for it step2:dont take your hands off from his sholder now go closer to his lips dont matter whoever is around step3:join your lips to his and express your love in a kiss step4:keep your upper lip in between his lips and your lower to the bottom of his lower lip step5:start rubbing your b’friends lips by urs step6:your hands hug him tightly that he never goes away after some time you will never like to go off step7:take your lip off hug again this can be an ordinry kiss or after seeing him for a long time or a good bye kiss good luck

Answer #13

well I am 12 2 and I just got my first kiss 2day I was so excited but any way this is how it works he usually makes the first kiss toward you and he doesnt hasatate so he kisses you and remeber don’t pull away b/c you will be scared everytime you go 2 kiss him and try 2 make it romantic he likes that and I hope this works

Answer #14

just do it!!!

Answer #15

ok, so I need advice about kissing my guy for the first time too! He’s 15 and I’m 16 and we’ve NEVER had a boyfriend/Girlfried before and we don’t know how to kiss but we’ve been holding hands! what do id next??

Answer #16

well lagotateddy, I haven’t had my first kiss either and the same rules appply at my school so I know how you. I have my own boyfriend and we hug after school and talk on a social site. If you think he’s cute that’s what matters the most. If you want to kiss and mix it and tell him you love him, you could walk (romantic) after school, so you both will remember it at school but not mention it. and BE YOURSELF

I hoped that I helped you and GOOD LUCK

Answer #17

well, just start with a peck, then you cud now start kissing him on his lip. you cud do it standing or sitting…LOL

Answer #18

its hard to explain. but you kinda just have to go with the flow. just give him a peck on the lips and then maybe later you could pull him aside and tell him. you dont know how to do this stuff. and he’ll understand.

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