How do i hide my nails from my mom ?

I need to hide my nails form my mom because she doesnt let me have them , how do I do it ?

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jUst get them short and not with designs she would noticed them right there with the designs and start talking a lot of crap ... plus the shorter fake nails are the more real they look

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Do not get them. Tell her you want them maturely and maybe she will understand. Hide them in your pockets all day or get a sweatshirt with really long sleeves and just pull the sleeves down all day.

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ANSWER #3 of 7

jhow about when I have to give her something in her hands ? then she will see them .

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ANSWER #4 of 7

dont get them...or you could wear a long sweater or hoodie and keep your hands under your sleeves.

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ANSWER #5 of 7

just keep your hand in your jacket. make sure to eat in your room because its hard to eat wit out showing your hands

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ANSWER #6 of 7

put on gloves when they around. just say its cold

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ANSWER #7 of 7

wear gloves and say your hands are cold HELLO!

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