How can I hack back my Gaia account?

I had this one account and it got hacked I want to be a hacker and steal back my account can someone show me a way to where I can hack into accounts so I can be cruel?

Answer #1

do not believe madmanmarcus he will hack you e-mail you’re username and password to to give you gold! (this e-mail is hard to find thats why they put it)

Answer #2

if you were hacked go back to the email address you had to atavite it and click atavite again then you got your account back but you need to change your pass if you get teh thing back

Answer #3

Yea but how dose


Answer #4

There is no way to “hack” a gaia account. Sorry dude, but unless you send a virus right back to the person who hacked you than that’s settled, and there’s still risks, that virus can mess up your computer if you do one thing wrong. Just report the dude, or send a report letter to admin. That worked for me. :] Or you can do what CatrinMorgan1 or Hotpinkamy did.

Hope I helped. ADD ME! Spiteful Tragedy ;D

Answer #5

well yuu can hack.I can hack anybody on gaia.Give me tha username yuu want me to hack.And Yur username to send yuu tha items.

Answer #6

I don’t know

Answer #7

What I have here is a simple cheat that helps you gain gold Extremely fast.. It is fairly complicated so pay attention. It is not a hack - it merely involves playing around with browser cookies - you see, the Gaia client stores a cookie detailing what you were doing last time you logged out. By fiddling around with the information, we can make it look like you have been gaining gold for a lot longer than you really were.

Follow these instructions very carefully:

  1. Log out of Gaia
  2. Open up your email account or program. This is so that we can first send a request to the Gaia cookie server in order to decode the information contained within the cookie.
  3. Create a new email and address then email to gaiagoldserver @ (without the spaces obviously)
  4. You MUST enter the subject line as “DEFAULT” (obviously without the quotation marks)
  5. In the email, type this exactly:

def_cookie::set(); config::mode(cfgDecode); config::replymode(the email you used to sign to Gaia); authorise::set(your username, your password); config::replyto(email); def_cookie::go();

except you must replace the bold words with the relevant information (I.e. your Gaia username and password, and your email address) - this is so the cookie request server can authorise and locate your account, and know where to send the reply

  1. Send the email
  2. Wait for the server reply - this will usually take a couple of minutes, the server is automated and very fast. Occasionally if the server is down it may take a while longer, obviously however long it is until it is back up again.
  3. Open the reply email and view the contents. There is a fair amount of information in here, and most of it we do not want. What you need to do first is find and locate a line that starts with:


and at the end of the line will be a file name - this is the cookie you need to open. locate the file on your harddrive and open it in notepad.

  1. Now search within the cookie file you have open in notepad, for a line that starts with:


  1. At the end of this line will be a number followed by “;”. You need to change the number to 999. Usually the number will be in the range 1-100 depending on what stage of whatever activity you were doing. DO NOT ENTER HIGHER NUMBERS THAN 999. I have tried this out on some of my small accounts and it [censored]s up your account completely. 999 is the maximum.

  2. Save the file. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE.

12 log onto Gaia to complete

Answer #8

you dont need to hack your gaia account go to the main gaia and do you now where you loggin there is forgot my password then itt will tell you whats your email like what email did you use on that account then go to yahoo or hotmail o whatver you got and then open the message that sent to you and then accept the link and you may have to change your password and then try to loggin again .

Answer #9

first click on: forgot password. then: type in your gmail or yahoo, or anything that you have that you created your gaia with, then: go to whatever you have, check your emails and reset password, then: change your password and go to your gaia and have fun xD

seriously thats how i did mines.

Answer #10

what emo skater girl said doesnt work all the time i tried it and it said that it cannot recognize it so it means that the person that has ur account got ur password and then it change ur email to there email so idk how to get mine back so im so pizzed off right now.. >:(

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