How do I grow a money tree?

I heard that people have been growing money trees in their homes, and I want to know how to grow one. How big is it at first? How much do they cost? When is the money ripe enough to be picked?

Answer #1

dude go have yourself a job, like sucking balls for money

Answer #2

Benmohs, all plants fallow the same rule for cutting the stalk; only when the plant is healthy, and always best in the spring, that way it has the most time to recover before winter.

Answer #3

Yeah, it takes a few months before any of the money is truly ripe for the picking… :D

Answer #4

I hope you are not serious… I wish you luck in all future endeavors… especially growing a $$$ tree. If it works, let me know.

Answer #5

I hope you ARE serious and you share the information with the rest of us !

Answer #6

A Chinese Money Tree is a real plant for those who are laughing and I’m wondering when the best time to trim the stalks down is. Summer, spring, winter, fall…when? Does anyone know? I’m afraid I’ll kill the plant if I do it at the wrong time.

Answer #7

have a big chinese money tree was wondering how take get asmall sprout going from it

Answer #8

Start with a seed. This seed is a $100 note, bury it under the soil. Water it, specifically with Accountants urine… This process takes 263 years to completely form into a bush-like tree, it stands about 1.6 metres tall. My great grandfather handed down the tree to my family. When it first starts out you will experience smaller notes, such as $5, $10, $20.. After about 100 years you will start getting notes like $50, $100. This is specific to Australia. Not sure about how you yanks Money Tree’s grow. If you need anymore advice email me

Answer #9

well to start off plant all your savings in the ground. cover with soil and wee on it. leave it for a few years, and after about 20years a few pennies should start to form. it would also need lots of attention and you may have no life for the rest of your life, as it needs feeding 7 times a day. ( my trees favourite food is purses or wallets) and plenty to drink (champagne) I will warn you though, these trees are very expensive. hope this works!!!

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