How do i get this girl that i work with?

ok..theres this girl I work with. ever since I started working there I had a crush on her. well I got a dog off her on day and she baby sat it for me a couple of times. using that to my benefit I got able to know her a little better and establish some what of a relationship with her. the thing is she had a boyfriend for two years. well one day her brother made fun of her in the office and I was laughing along with it. later that day she texted I shouldnt laugh when her brother makes fun of her. well that lead into a couple of hours texting. that also took place for about a week and the texts keep getting more and more flirtatious. when finally she came out and told me that I do something to her. I make her smile and laugh and she hopes when she gets a message it from me.. well I told her how I felt but told her I dont want to be that guy on the side, that if she wants to pursue this she needs to take care of her business with her man. so after a couple of days of texting and talking she broke up with him. and before you know it we started hanging out. from the first day we couldnt keep our hands off each other and yes we kissed the first time we hung out. well I guess you can say we jump in pretty quick. we been hanging out a lot going out to diner movies mini golf and ball games. well her ex found out and just calls her non stop until she answers. she has told him that they should talk as much any more but just yesterday we went to a ball game and diner. we had such a great time talked the whole night really enjoyed ourselves and then the ex starting calling .. she started feeling bad and guilty and is just confused right now..we kinda talked and agree we did jump in to fast and she saids she needs time. I told her that I want her to be happy no matter what dont worry about me. if she wants to get back with ex , wants me to stop talking to her I will... I told her how I felt about her...also when we hang out or talk we both get really energetic and happy gigglie too. she told me I give her butterflies and other stuff like when I touch her it feels so good..I know shes in to me and we got something. its just bad timing .. she still wants to talk like today . she texted me when she got up and we talked twice both for over a hour a time. but I not sure exactly how she feels about the ex. cause I know she still kinda talks to him too..what should I do? I really like her and want to be with her, no matter how long it takes.. but should I try to show what I can do for her or dont I back off? hope this makes sense, cause I am confused.

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Sounds like she needs to simply ditch her ex. It does not sound like she wants to be with him, so he should not even be a factor in all of this. If he keeps calling, that's his problem. She can set her phone on her silent. If she stops answering his calls altogether, he'll get the message eventually. I do not think you two should put your relationship on hold just because her ex isn't taking the breakup well.

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Why dont you just try talking to her about it... it sounds like your old enough where that wouldnt be weird. And if you are talking on the phone... dont you think that that kind of conversation would come easily? Just be 100% open with her. Tell her how you feel, how you wish she felt, and what you would like to come out of it. It sounds like the two of you have chemistry. She may need time of course.. but ask her about it. It seriously seems like she likes you just talk to her. Its really all about communication in your situation. Just make sure you ask her about it casually since it still is early in your "relationship" you dont want to overwhelm her, unless thats what she wants.

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