How do i get rid of pimple scares?

I've had pimples on my whe face
Went to my town doctors they gave me a pimple face wash, now the pimples have stopped popping out and there is hardly any pimples in my face
But the pimples have left the scares
My skin is brown and it shows
Does anyone know how to get rid of pimple scares without using any medication?
Help .. I cant have any g'f :(

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nooo that will def not work :/

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Anyone know anythin about Vicks vapour rub? Will that help?

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it will naturally face but thats gonna take years
***MEDERMA*** I have acne scarrs and Mederma helps them fade way faster

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I dont want use any product like clearsil or wateva
anythin that will help it naturally go away

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Yeep I know, just don't panick :) Keep using a vitamin E cream that you get from a health shop or chemist, every night and day. Trust mee ! It sounds lame but it works. Make sure it isn't something cheap from the supermarket as it has to be vitamin E enriched without the other bad stuff. It won't go away after one day but if you keep using it constantly then in a couple of weeks it should clear up depending how fast your body normaly heals.

I am scared

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