How do i get rid of dry skin above my lips?

Above my upper lip, I have really dry skin, it isn't a cold sore, just dry skin, I've tried using lip balm on it, vasaline, face moisturizer, everything! What do I do?

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It's possible it may be a form of rosacea. There are different types and levels of severity, butt it's basically that your skin on the part(s) of your body that are affected make new skin way faster than the rest of your body, way faster and more often than it should resulting in dry, inflamed patches of skin. I have a patch of VERY dry skin between the bottom of my nose and top lip. Sometimes it gets pretty bad: red, stinging, flaky and little white bumps of dry dead skin. It comes and goes and seems to worsen when the seasons change (very cold or very hot). If this sounds like what you have, try Prosacea. You can get it at a drugstore for around $10 and you don't need a prescription. It'll take a few days to start to help, but when it does, you'll love it. Dry dead flaky skin is gone! :)

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I have that problem... I use Cymex, its in a small yellow tube.. it doesnt sting or anything and it helps cure the problem x

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No. It shouldn't make anything worse. It's pretty good stuff. Good luck!

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but if thats not what it is, will that stuff make it worse?

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yeah that sounds like it! its like red and dry, and it stings. ill try it thanks!

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