How can I be more popular in high school?

Look im like a geek in my school all because my hair.How do I get popular im in high school in year 8 im13 . I dont have much friends and most people dont like me SO please CAN YOU TELL ME HOW TO BE POPULAR!!!

Answer #1

Be a friend and you’ll make a friend…good hair site:

Good luck !!

Answer #2

I myself don’t concentrate on popularity, I have a really close group of about 10 people, and a few “aquaintences”, but if you realy want to be “popular” , just be nice to everyone, and join some teams or clubs. Just don’t be suprised if popularity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Answer #3

Hi it really dosent matter if you are a geek ! to be honest I would rather be a geek than be popular. The only people who like the popular people are the peopole who hang around with them U probably have more friends than they do. So so what they can get all the boys by them and be fashionable and have gorgeous hair to kill for. They are nothing really If i was you I would concertrate at school Im in yr9 and im coming 14 in January next year You will be doing exams You cant concetrate on the poopulars. The populars dont get on with me but we have talked and they are not that bad deep down and they are not about hair. But most of them wont to be size zero and end up getting pregnant at 14 do u wont to be like that ? Good Luck If u need any help funmail me I will reply X

Answer #4

get hot

Answer #5

well since I go to an all-girl school there are a lot of clicks and the 75% of the grade that is not the “popular” group hate the 25%of the grade that are. so then I was thinking what make people popular if no one likes them becuase they are snobby and obsessed with theirself. is it their looks? no their are sometimes ugly people that are popular. I think it is all about attitude and how you dress like if your a slut I think you just kind of qualify

Answer #6

in my highschool everyone was friends with everyone… i think is because when i first started all of we already knew most people because of our older sisters and brothers. if thats not your case then just realize theres no such thing as “the most popular group” in highschool its the sluts & the assholes - they’re only known because they’re mean to everyone. it pays off more when your nice to everyone & help people out. whats wrong with your hair? if thats a reason why people dont like you THATS STUPID but if it makes you that insecure buy a straightening iron and get a hair cut maybe layers or a frame with side bangs…that always looks hot buy prducts that work for your hair…maybe relax it or give it volume depending on your situation.

youre only gonna have a hard time if you exclude yourself.

Answer #7

I wanted to be popular too, a few months ago.. once I hung out with my friends (popular ones). they don’t really judge me for who I am. the only thing that matters to them is LOOKS, MONEY and INTELLIGENCE. I don’t have LOOKS to impress any of them, intelligence either! and money of course. I tried my hearts out to fit in, but nobody gave me any attention, everyday I was depressed, bcos I know I don’t have all the things that I should have to make them notice me. I started realizing this when my best friend, yeah, she had the same ambition as mine, to be popular, well, it was easy peasy for her bcos she’s pretty, dangg loaded but she was not quite smart, though everybody in the popular group fancied her..

to be honest, I wasn’t jealous, I was depressed like I said before.

one day, I sat beside my friend, jazmine, in the school hall. almost everyone was absent that day because we had to sing some lame songs in conjunction with some events. (boring-much!) we chatted and chatted. then she asked me, “why are you so desperate to be in the popular group? what’s so special? I can’t find a good reason for that.” I kept quiet and thought for a moment. I spotted something fishy. what made her ask? she said “they look nice, cool but they just start to open their mouths the moment you’re not with them, they shitt-talk you. “

I got angry, from that day onwards, I stopped hanging out with them, and I wasn’t surprised if they don’t ask where I had been, or where I had gone to, because I know none of them would care.

sorry to have taken much of yr time! XDD haha, the point is honey, if you want to be popular, be yrself. if you don’t be yrself, and try to impress people in every way, then they will just like you for who you are not! (I tell this to myself everydayyy)

p/s : I’d solute to you if you tell me you’re popular without changing any of yr appearance.

Answer #8

If your friends like you for who your not then theres no point. fined friends that care about you and dont care how you look you need people that will be there for you in and out and people you know won’t let you down. dont be someone your not thats not the way to go. if theres no one for you right now there will be later on in life .. high school isint your life its just a level you have to pass before you really start living so dont let people get you down the best thing to do is keep smiling dont frown. pce xo

Answer #9

expand your horizons…egt to know more people join clubs or take part in after school activties and organizations…just be yourself and be who you want to be be nice to everyone and not fake. don’t talk behind other people’s backs. try helping people when they need it…

Answer #10

what’s the point of being popular? I would much rather have one really good freind then have a bunch of friends who don’t really care about me.

Answer #11

You’re thinking about the wrong kind of popular. There’s the “OMGPREPJOCKLOL!” type of popular group. You know, the cliches. You’re thinking of the group of people who are probably models and/or star athletes.

Drop them.

The way for you to be popular is to be friends with whoever you get along with..just be yourself. You don’t have to have the King and Queen of the school backing you up to be a well-known and well-liked student. In fact, the only people who like “popular” people are each other, so they’re all just losers in the end. You don’t want to be one of them.

I have more friends than I know what to do with, and I love them all very much, yet none of them fall into the aforementioned cliche. Except, I’m popular anyway, because isn’t that what that word means? To have a lot of people like you? Don’t go for the stereotype, go for the real thing.

If you want to have lots of friends, I’m telling you to be yourself, once again. Don’t try to change yourself so that others will like you. If they try to make you change for them, then they’re not worth your time in the first place. What’re things that you like to do? Find common ground with other people. For example, I’m an avid female gamer, and that combined with my down-to-earth attitude has earned me tons of guy friends.

But there’re plenty of ways to connect with all types of girls, too.. and remember, it’s not like you have to be “popular” with every person you meet. You’ll be happier with a smaller group of people you seriously like rather than in the middle of a group of large “popular” kids. rolls eyes at them

I see you like Harry Potter, maybe you like anime/manga too? I love both, so even you and I could already have common ground to work with and become friends! Just find something fun to talk about and you can work on it from there. =)

Answer #12

ok im barley in junior high and every one knows me. well wat i do is i b nice 2 dem lk say if dey drop sumthin in da hall way i pick it up 4 dem and i luv fixin my hair! well if its frizzy buy a flat iron and if its napy then ad bangs lk side bangs(i have side bangs). but dnt worrie jus keep ur head up and jus b nice 2 a lot of people. well gots 2 go! good luck!

Answer #13

I went through that fase too. Just be yourself. be truthful to all your friends and have a laugh. Dress good to school, do your hair and make up, keep your head up and smile, walk with confidence, ull get people looking at you and then smile when you do. Your just as good as everyone else. :)

Answer #14

hey it doesnt matter i you are popular dude. all you need is 2 or 3 good friends you know are going to be there for you. as for your hair just get it cut really short ,get a tape up, and a shape up. trust me you dont need that many friends. and at your age i wouldnt be worrying about that stuff. just do good in school for now. if your not popular right now then you will be by your junior year or senior year because you will change. everyone changes in high school.

Answer #15

Don’t even bother to be popular. All you should be worried about is good grades. In four year you wont even see any of the people in your highschool. Just worry about your grades and not about popularity so much.

Answer #16

All you have to do is be urself and the Truest friends will appear soon..So don’t change ur appearance or anything just to be more popular..Ur time will come to shine:)

Answer #17

Please! Don’t worry about it! Most of the popular kids at school (including me) are struggling with crappy jobs, bad health, depression and addiction problems. Wear your hair likes it’s cool man. I just found out today I have to get braces at 35, yeah being popular at school has really made my life a breeze. Do yourself a favour and do your homework.

Answer #18

Just be yourself. It’s better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you’re not. People will accept you more if you’re just yourself. If you plan on going to college, you’ll be able to meet a ton of people there, because in college, no one cares who was popular in high school. It no longer matters. Just find people with similar interests as you, and strike up a conversation with them (join some clubs that interest you). People tend to be very superficial in high school, which sucks. I barely had any friends in high school no matter how hard I tried, and to this day I don’t know why. Hang in there. It gets better ;)

Good luck with everything!

Answer #19

Just be nice to everyone. The more you accept everyone for who they are and treat people the way you would like to be treated the more people will gravitate towards you. If the kids at your school think you are trying to become popular it will back fire on you so just be a nice outgoing person to everyone and if you are sincere people will want to be around you.

Answer #20

u gotta be laid back. dont be too eager. and try to do what other popular girls are doing. wear ur hair like them. and dont flirt too much. also dont date anyone of lower status. it brings ur reputation down. try to hang out wit cooler kids. most popular girls dont eat lunch so try to go hang out wit them in the gym. also try to look hot and learn how to apply makeup and no what colors look best on u. now this is bad advice if u want to be urself, but since u said that u want to be popular, im just telling u the truth. xoxo

Answer #21

why would you wanna be popular. seriously… the best thing to do is be yourself… don’t change who you are to fit into a group of people… the grass is always greener on the other side… if it’s not one thing it’s another… be yourself and you’ll be happy… no matter how many friends you have, how you look or dress, how you wear your hair, how much money you have, what kind of car you drive.

most popular people have friends who just want to be popular… they aren’t real friends… they’re just trying to fit in… all you need is a few close friends to help make high school easier and to have fun with…

being popular is not all it’s cracked up to be…

i guess all i can say is be yourself…

luck. <3

Answer #22

I really have to say that being popular isnt everything…though im sure ur hormones are raging and ur feelin like girls are everything….take it from someone who is 21 and has two kids now age 3 and 11/2…..just trying to be cool and popular will get you no where…barely a diploma will get you somewhere…just make sure u finish school cause it really pays off to go further than high school diploma……hoestly ur popularity will grow with you….so just live life how u been and just stay strong…all in all ur life is already set but the only thing that can take u off ur course of life are the decisions you make everyday! dont make the wrong decision by needing popularity…..

Answer #23

Harmonious relationship with the teachers and students, excellent grades, leading / joining the school politics and organizations, looking clean and cool, and wearing a loving heart for everyone.

Most. importantly, think more of others’ welfare.

Well, don’t try too hard about popularity. Some people just give parties and food, etc. and then they become popular instantly. LOL

Answer #24

hahahaha … I like harry potter too. ahh your cool already.

Answer #25

Person 1: Is accepted for their looks because this person looks like one of the popular kids. Person 2: Looks nothing like the popular kids but is accepted by the popular kids due to the persons personality. What person do you want to be?

Your hair shouldnt matter, your clothes shouldnt matter. And who cares if you’re not in that popular crowd as long as you have good friends? Just be yourself.

Answer #26

Wow thanx guys! YOU ROCK!!! and hey youre right i do like harry potter

Answer #27

p.s i like harry potter too… and i am not a geek.

Answer #28

What’s wrong with your hair?

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