How do i get my dad to shut up?

My dads ober annoying, strickt and condecending. He complains like crazy, gets mad when I talk about something he doesnt like. Refuses to let me even THINK of boys... He yelled once that my mom didnt cook his food the way he liked it the day AFTER. He just goes on and on, then gets mad when I say one thing back. He once called me a stupid, un-greatful, ignorent child because I told him to go away when he was bothering me.
How in the world do I get him to stop being a jerk?

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My father figure is naturaly like that. I can be watching t.v and he'll start yelling, Or if I'm talking to my mom he'll hear one sentance and start yelling because he miss-understood... Then wont even give us a chance to explain before he works himself into a rage.

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you could talk to him and tell him the way you are feeling. say that it doesnt make you feel good. and that it makes you upest with yourself. ( makes you insecure)
you are still young, and this will happen for you untill its time to move out on your own. ( not saying you should go out and do that ) but parents want thee best for their children and they get very over protected of them therefore there is arguments and problems because you are not happy with the things your father wants you to do.
another thing you can do is try to ignore him.. dont let him get to you. but dont give attitude when trying to ignore him. <- that will cause more problems.
hope this helped :)

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yeah, I feel your pain, I'm 16 and my dad is exactly like that (except for the boy part, he's not as strict with guys). If things don't go 100% his way no one can be happy. and he's in complete denial, whenever I try to talk to him about it he denies it, blames me, and doesn't do anything to change. Hopefully you dad is more open minded, so first I would suggest talking to him about how you feel- the key here is to talk about your FEELINGS, don't accuse him of things, because that will put him on the defensive. for example, don't say "dad, you're a jerk and need to stop being so mean all the time" instead say something like "dad, it really hurts my feelings when you yell at me and call me names and I don't think that kind of behavior is constructive for this family, I feel like we need to find a middle ground". "haloyeah" is wrong, this is not all your fault, yes, there may be some things you can do differently to help ease the situation, but it is not all your fault, your dad has a lot of maturing to do as well, and he is just as much responsible for his behavior as you are for yours. Don't blame yourself for his bad behavior, but you should look for ways to help the situation. hope that helps :-)

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stop doing what you are doing to make him that way... there is obuoisly something that you are not telling us...


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People are saying to talk to him about your feeling but obviously you are not gonna do that because you don't have that kind of relationship with him. What I would suggest would be to just not listen to him, don't let him get to you. When he talks just pretend you are listening no matter how dumb or stupid he sounds. Don't talk back! Although it may be tempting because he is obviously wrong and he doesn't get it. Just think of your favorite song and nod or say yes to everything he says. I'm going through the same thing! Good luck!

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I'm 32, and both of my parents are like that. So sometimes it will Never stop!!!

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Hun, I fully understand. my dad is the same exact way, which is why I'm here. I don't exactly have an answer for you, because I'm looking for one myself, but I know that everybody else is saying "just tell him about how you feel", or "stop pissing him off", but we both know that's not gonna happen. First off, you can't "just talk" to these kinds of people, and second, you're honestly probably not even doing anything, and he just gets set off at nothing. Trust me, I get it. The only thing I can suggest is try to listen to really loud music when he's yelling at other people (I have invested in some bomb-ass headphones for this reason), or when he's yelling at you DON'T space out, that will only make it worse. Just go with it. Nod your head, tell him you understand, just put up with his bullshit, but just always remember that soon enough, you'll be out of there. Soon enough, you won't have to hear his bullshit anymore. My dad yells about the stupidest shit in the world, so I totally get you. He was literally yelling at my mom for trying to help with dinner because he was doing it himself as I am typing this. If your dad is the same as mine, this is what I do to deal with it. Just tough it out, and if it starts to get physical, just try not to have a panic attack, because those suck, and they don't even get the attention away from whatever the fuck he's yelling about even though his daughter is hyperventilating in a ball on the floor. If he's like my dad, he'll just keep yelling and say deal with it when your mom tries to comfort you. Then if your family is like mine, when your mom finally gets to walk away, he'll just keep grumbling when NOBODY is listening. Sorry, this kinda became me telling you my life story :/ but I hope that this helps you realize that you're not alone, and you always have someone to talk to. Maybe you will take my suggestion, maybe not. Either way, just remember that you'll be out soon.

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Mine is the worst, i have asian parents and all they do is give me homework, when i go on electronics for like a few minutes, they would assume that I have enough free time. If I don't stop, they would slap me and say that I am horrible and stupid. If I talk back their only comeback is to tell me to shut up. Ways to deal with ur parents, don't say anything and just ignore em, think of something happy or your hobby while they are scolding you. When they are scolding you, just think that all dads are stupid and has anger issues. Maybe that would help.

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