How do i get horny without watching porn?

I am 13 and I don't know how to be horny... I don't want to watch porn but I also don't want to have sex... Help?

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just start to play with yourself. It usually works. If you have someone that you like, if you are really that desperate imagine her giving you a hand job. Im 14, but I watch porn or imagine my girlfriend.

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well talk on the phone with someone and they'll make you horny.

pretty much the only ways I can ge horny is if im talking to my boyfriend on the phone...

hahah or when he's with me.

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I dont know if your a girl or a boy.. so maybe I can give advice for both.
okay, your 13.. im 14.. I've been horny. its not that hard.
if your a girl.. try imagining your crush fingering you.. ect..
if your a guy.. buy some playboy! kidding, sorry you have to be 18.
I dont know.. im a girl, so I dont know how guys get horny.. I can easily make my boyfriend horny by talking dirty to him eg. "your making me wet..."
again.. picture your crush giving you a hand job or somethin..

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I CAN HELP! DEFINETLY DO NOT HAVE SEX! not because it is bad but because you are way too young. Im twenty years old and was always very horny I had sex when I was fourteen and really really regret it. I didnt catch an STDS THANK GOD, but I feel like I really lost something special to someone stupid, who I thought I loved, because I was dumb and young. Porn is not a crime to watch, if you feel immoral about it , you shouldnt, if you just dont like it , then try to use your imagination. Think about fantastical things in your close your eyes and rub yourself slowly. I cant tell if you are a girl or a guy because I am new to this stuff if your a girl I can help you more.

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Wow yeah I actually totaly agree wit her wich is a first

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k so whether you are a girl or a guy, imagine inside your head the guy/girl you like, or your crush, doing something sexual with you. the best way is lying in your bed at night or something, and close your eyes and just picture what it would be like. also, if you can get the imagination right, you can rub yourself (masterbate) which feels great and allows you to further explore your imagination

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