How do I get better from this drama?

Where to start? I feel depressed right now. I started out angry today all the way to being almost depressed right now. That girl flirting with my boyfriend is stil flirting but im happy to know he hates her (so he says) and then 3 of why friends asked my boyfriend to go to the movies with them so I cant hang out with him tonight and get me mad. He said he wasnt gonna go and I going to his house later and I hate this! All my friends are backstabbers! I have no friends at all! :( I only got one but I cant see her in school because shes not in my class. And I don’t know what to do. Im thinking bout breaking up with my boyfriend because maybe thats why I have so much drama in my hands.. please help me… :( I feel depressed

Thank You

Answer #1

Well, if they are trying to “ruin your life” then they arent real friends. My advice is to break up with him and find some new friends. They obviously dont care about your feelings so they arent worth your time. Hope this helped.

Answer #2

It looks like your purposely making your friends your enemies. Sure they wanted to hang out with your boyfriend but do you think they had any intention of doing anything with him? I’m assuming here please don’t take this the wrong way but maybe you could just give him some space to breath don’t you think?

Answer #3

You are creating your own drama. Who cares if some girl is flirting with your boyfriend? And I’m sorry, if he hated her and really wasnt paying any attention, she would have stopped by now. He’s obviously doing something to make her think she has a chance. 3 of your friends want to go to the movies with him so you cant hang out with him? Why dont you just go to the movies? And you know, you can do things without him. Really. Stop creating all this drama. Go rent a movie and spend a night in. Call up your friend and do something with her. Spend some time with your family. Really, all this drama will appear absolutely ridiculous in a few years. The sooner you figure it out the sooner it wont matter.

Answer #4

Look I don’t see people really answering your main questions.. I think you should talk to him and don’t worry about whats going on around your relationship. If you don’t trust him that he will respect your relationship and not flirt back or him trying to hang out with you is unoticed to him maybe you should tell him that. If you break up with him that other girl is going to rope him in and have him for herself. don’t be useless be tough and don’t let it get to you…

Answer #5

hey girl ,,, this is your boyfriend ,, you trust him … dont make your relationship as hell wiz complaining …and trust me dont talk about this girl so much so he will feel that you are sick or suspect him ,,guys dont like that ,,he hates her now but please dont be noisy as guys dont like noise ,,, and this girl if she come closer to your guy ,, dont kill her but just mark her hehe ,,just kidding ,,, you can save your boy if you are mature ,, and please no more drama ,, if you trust him then be wiz him otherwise leave him… and trust urself first ,,, what that girl got and you dont ,,, btw why you dont make some new friends ,,when you are busy wis other stuff you wont v time to create that drama,,,and dont be damading ,,he needs some space wiz his friends so do u

Answer #6

no one understands! my friends always try to find a way to ruin my life, they were talking bout taking him to the movies ONLY to make me mad and not hang out with him! Idc if he goes to the movies with his friends but they arent even his friends and he told me that, it just doesnt make me fricken happy when my so called friends try to do that to u!!

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