How do i fix my messed up scalloped potatoes?

Okay, so moms going to a dinner later, and I told her id have the food ready.
I got the ham, but I went to make scalloped potatoes, and its kindof runny.
I either put to much milk, or to much water.
the potatoes are done.
Is there something I can do to fix this?
maybe drain some of the water?

Moms going to be here in about fourty minutes to pick it up.

Thanks! :)

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Adding a little bit of flour thickens things up!

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Why on earth is there water in there in the first place?

If your veloute is too runny before you add the cheese, simply let the sauce simmer until the liquid is reduced.

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Maybe if you let it sit for a bit, it will mix in and be okay?
If not, try adding flour to it to help soak up the moisture.

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Had same problem, under-cooked potatoes & onions lots of liquid. Cranked up oven to 425 and cooked uncovered until top was golden brown ( about 30 min). The liquid evaporated and the veg cooked though perfectly.

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