How do I find out my direction in life?

I am 38 and I still havent found out what I want to be when I “grow up”! I have had several diverse jobs but none of them really fulfilled me and I can’t help thinking that this is how the rest of my life is going to go.

I know what things give me a kick; helping people with their lives, doing something creative/artistic and organizing things (putting things into some sort of order). But how to utilize these things in a career?

How does one find one’s true purpose in life?

Answer #1

Dear clealuira, This is a dilemma for many people even at your age. The thing is that you need to be able to survive so you take jobs that will make this possible for you. Getting that dream job is something very, very few get. So if you don’t have a degree by now it some field it’s time to get one. Go to college as a mature student in a field like social work or service worker and finish out the 2-4 years and start working in the field. It is time to focus and to be real with yourself. Life is short and as you get older gets shorter every day. How do you find your true purpose…well most of us don’t think we have found it but every day we continue to be a good person, hard working, loving member of society we are actually living our purpose and not know it. It could have been just to smile at one person and that one person decides that life is worth living after all and pays it forward. Who knows what the purpose is…Just be the best person you can be and you will know in the end. Sue…good luck

Answer #2

Thanks flossheal. Yes that is a great idea, certainly to earn a bit of cash in the meantime while I look for something more in line with my interests. I do currently give someone private english lessons so I guess giving group lessons is just one step up.. certainly given me food for thought! Many thanks for that idea.

Answer #3

Hey!! If your home right now why don’t you look into those home schooling courses and see what they have that might interest you. There are plenty of online courses and legit schools. Just find out how they can help, how legit and take it from there. Lots of luck!!

Answer #4

Never too old to start anything!! 50 is not old just wiser so use that to your advantage. I’m 42 and recently finished paying my bills and student loans through a debt consolidation company. It wasn’t easy especially if there are other expenses like rent , kids etc…talk to you later headed out to work. Have a good day!!

Answer #5

If you like working with people and helping others Why not take up nursing a your choice careeer? Good money, it’s in demand and you’ll be saving lives? Good luck!!

Answer #6

Thanks Sue. I will surely look into whether there is some kind of government fund to get to college but I know when my partner went to university he had to take out a student loan which he is still paying off almost 20 years later.

As for the language, I have taken a beginners course and an advanced course plus studied the language extensively through books, tapes and home study courses, but for some reason when it comes to speaking the language I get a mental blank. Its not through lack I trying I can tell you.

I have done a couple of voluntary jobs since being over here, but they have ended some time ago now. I guess I could look for more voluntary work though, that is a very good idea, and perhaps it might open other opportunities for me. Thanks for the suggestion.

Answer #7

Dear clealuira, There are many Gov’t funded ways to get to college…also getting out to volunteer is a great way to get started to network. There isn’t a good excuse to be at home when you want to be out with the people. Being there 5 years you should have been taking lessons in their language…but it isn’t too late for that either. Once we stop putting up the walls we can begin to break them down. You chose to live there, now choose to be a citizen there. Get out and get a life…choosing to do nothing is still a choice. Sue…good luck

Answer #8

Thanks for your reply deedeemom. Actually I am very squeamish for blood and hospitals in general make me feel uncomfortable.. so I guess thats not really a good career move! But yeah I do like helping people, but to be more specific I like helping people sort out life problems. I like thinks like psychology but I know I wouldnt want to be a psychologist. I could imagine being like a life coach, or something along those lines, but I have enough problems sorting out my own life so I guess thats not exactly a good idea either.

Answer #9

Thanks for the advice Sue. I would love to go to college but my boyfriend is currently supporting me financially so that won’t happen any time soon.. The other thing I didnt mention is I live in a non-english speaking country so I am a bit limited with the language anyway. I havent had a paid job since I arrived in this country over five years ago and I fear I will be a housewife now for the rest of my days.

Answer #10

yes, I am still paying for my student loans and I’m almost 50…you do what you have to. Sue

Answer #11

You could look for volunteer or paid jobs where your English will be helpful. When a friend was in Germany, she did one or two nights a week helping in an English conversation class. She was just there to chat with the Germans who wanted to improve their English. She had fun thinking up topics they could discuss (e.g. favourite films, something in the news, Christmas traditions) and then they just practiced their English with her. It would be a good way to get involved and help people, even before you become fluent in the language.

BTW, I’m your age and now living in France! We seem to have some experiences in common!

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