How do I find my frozen water pipe?

Help,I live in ireland and were having awful weather,anyway I have no cold water,im the only house on the road with no water,I know its because my water pipe outside my house is frozen,I just need to know were this water pipe is so I can try and thaw it out some way,the snow and ice is suppose to go on for another wk,I cant be without water that long,I need a shower!!plze can anyone help?

Answer #1

Follow up:

If you have a basement and central heat, check the duct work in the basement, there might be a shutter that you can open to allow heat into the basement.

To find a frozen pipe, you have to have some knowledge of how the pipes are ran.

They are normally buried deeper than the frost line so that they don’t freeze up outside the house. The pipe will usually enter the house below grade where it will start splitting off to various parts of the house. This is why I asked about multiple taps. If you have more than one tap inoperative then you can deduce the stoppage is before the split for those taps.

Once you guesstimate where the pipe is frozen, then you can use a hair dryer to heat the pipe or a radiant heater. Avoid torches (the flame kind).

To prevent it in the future, you can buy heat tape and use that and insulation in the winter to keep the pipes from freezing.

Answer #2

You need to go to the basement (or crawlspace) of your house. The pipe will be frozen there. (It could be frozen in an exterior wall also.)

Do you have more than one tap? Are all of them frozen? If you turn on the hot water does it have pressure? (If not, then you can start tracing back from there.)

Answer #3

try turning the boiler up full blast… both the heating and the water..

and run all the hot water taps on full and turn teh heating up full for 30mins to an hour… that might clear it

Answer #4

its teh saying isnt it… you dont know what youve got till its gone…

does your central heating work? cus I keep mine on to stop the pipes from getting frozen

Answer #5

haha god I cud b all day luking,and I cant get thru to the county council ,they wud know were it is,I realise now how much I take water 4 granted!!!

Answer #6

oh god it could be anywhere…

if I was you id walk around my house looking at the bottom of the brick work for any pipes running into the house… if theres none going straight in it will run up the wall a bit and then enter the house.

Answer #7

yea my heating works thank god!!!

Answer #8

thanks,I wish I could,the grounds covered in snow,I cant see anything

Answer #9

use a broom or spade to shove it out the away :)

Answer #10

I dont have a basement,I live in ireland,its the pipe under the ground so I cudnt get at it,its back now but was gone 4 the whole wkend,I just had to wait for the pipes to thaw out,even the plumber said he cudnt do anything,irelands so bakward!!!

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