How do I do a good "screamo" scream??

I’m the lead vocalist in my band, and I need to learn how to do a good scream without ripping my throat apart :S

Answer #1

Screamo is something that takes a lot of practice. The first step is actually knowing what your doing.

I can teach you to scream amazingly for sure… just follow my tips/advice and I bet you’ll do just fine -

First off, there’s more to it than just screaming. You have to know HOW to do it and what things to do… or else you’ll fck up your vocal cords and sht. That wouldn’t be too fun now would it?

Screamo sounds really awesome when done right. My advice to you is just practice. You won’t sound EXACTLY like the bands who do screamo. Everybody who does screamo has their own unique sound. Just try to start out by testing different sounds and such… low, loud, in between. Each should have a different sound. DON’T PUSH YOURSELF. If your throat starts hurting or your voice starts slipping STOP. Don’t risk hurting your vocal chords. Keep a drink like water, gatorade or whatever you drink, handy that way you can get a drink in between screaming. This is an important thing to do to keep your vocal chords moist, that way your vocals chords don’t start getting dry. Be sure to take breaks from it too. Don’t keep practicing 24/7. Get a drink before you start, in between during your breaks from screaming and after you’ve finished for the day/night. Don’t try to be something your not either. If you don’t get it, don’t worry. Maybe you will some other time. Practice for a half hour or an hour and then stop for the time being and maybe try again later that night for another half hour or so. Be sure to take a few 10 minute breaks or so in between your practicing times too as I said before.

Just follow my advice and you should be fine. But like I said… if it hurts… STOP. Don’t ever push yourself or else you’ll cause damage to your throat/vocal cords and then you’ll really be wishin you hadn’t of pushed it huh?

Ignore the dumbas*es who just say stuff like “uhhh… just scream” or “start by hating your life”. Screamo has nothing to do with hating your life. And there’s WAY more to it than just screaming.

I think that about covers things. If after all this, you still can’t do it, or it causes pain. Give it up. Your voice/throat just isn’t cut out for screamo and if you keep it up, you could end up causing serious damage to your throat/vocal chords. Also, if you need anything else regarding this or something… don’t be afraid to ask me because I’m very good when it comes to stuff like this haha

Answer #2

Make sure it comes from your diaphragm,not your throat and drink a lot of water… Start whispering any screamo song and gradually get louder but don’t push yourself too hard or you could damage your vocal chords… It’s actually pretty easy to figure out… ~Paige~

Answer #3

One tip I could give you is to actually say the word ‘roar’, lol. If you then whisper the word roar (and hold the note), you will notice it doesn’t sound like a normal whisper and it has a kind of ‘growl-like’ aspect to it. Take note of how your throat is feeling and positioned. Try to replicate that, but whilst using a harsh voice with a mild gurgle at the back of your throat. It sounds very hard to do. It’s actually easier to do it than to describe it, lol. But I hope that helps and there are heaps of tips available online (search up information on the Zen of Screaming because a lot of big Metal bands have seen that instructor) :).

Answer #4

It’s not all that hard to do… I’m not in a band, but I can growl and scream, lol. I gurgle and scream simultaneously (with varying pitches) to do it. It’s so hard to describe :P. I think there are some tutorials for such things online, so you may wish to check them out (the Zen of Screaming is highly recommended). Just take some time to practise and things will get better :).

Answer #5

skrem is really hard to do it takes really long and a lot of practice

Answer #6

Well..You Need To Use a Deep Voice but make it loud XD lol .Actually Hun, Isnt That What Screamos All About? screaming and gettin g your throat all soar..but thres a way to teat Frink lemonade it helos me.And

Answer #7

Okay so try screaming a little then excellerate a little at a time.

Answer #8

Thanks a lot, yummeh :D

Answer #9

good screaming definetly comes from the diaphram, take a DEEP breath and fill your stomach, then push it out as you scream. but before you do you might want to regular sing to stretch your vox, and drink warm water :D

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