How do i convince my parents to let me sleep with my boyfriend?

My parents trust me...and all I really want to do is to just sleep in his arms. How can I convince my parents to let me?

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I have that same problem, unlike other guys, im not into the whole intercourse thing yet and all I really want to do is sleep with my girlfriend, just hold her till she falls asleep then wake up next to her and see her smile and give her a kiss, that would be amazing to just fall asleep like that. the problem I have isnt my grandparents (I live with them), its her parents, I know her parents would never let that happen so I've had a few ideas but I dont really have the exact idea and planning to pull them off but here they are. if you and your boyfriend have the same friend or your friend doesnt really mind, sleep over your friends house, they will sleep over that person's house too, the parent wont mind if your both friends with this person. or you could plan a trip, im not sure what you like to do, but in my case I would go camping or go on a ski trip and bring her along with me, so when it comes to sleeping you could sneak in with him and just fall asleep together. another option is kind of like the last one, if you both join a club or band or something and you go on a school trip, you could always sneak yourself into his cabin, thats what some dude did on my school ski trip, his girlfriend went into his cabin and slept with him there, only "slept" of course. although that only really works if your in the same school and have a club you both like that has 2-day or over trips. I slept with my girlfriend for about 20 minutes before but im not really sure thats the same. we were just watching tv on my bed and she went under the covers and fell half-asleep for awhile. hope I helped a bit

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U, first of all marry your boyfriend and then your parents will be agree about your behaviour.
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I had this same problem just start off like I did where you sleep in different beds 4 a bit then same bed but different duvets and so on til you both end up been allowed to sleep in the same bed in the same duvet. but tell them you will keep the door open that's what I did and me and my boyfriend have been sleeping in the same things for like 5 months now is and we have been going out bout month as well trust me it works as my mate tried it and it worked for her as well


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ummm...I dont think that would be a calmin thing to ask your parent but if you really want to just do it and see what they say most parents are going to say no especially the dad because the last thing he wants to think about is his little girl in the bed with some boy even though he knows you just want him to hold you

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well thats a tuffie..
parents are parents..and theres nothing you can do about that.. all depends if you have has intercourse before..
if you have..then they probibly wasnt to happy about that.
and they dont want it happening again..
but if you havnt..then.tell them that you havnt..
and tell them that you arnt ready to do that,,that you just want to be in his arms.
that about all I got on this subject..
but if that dosnt workk..then just spend the moments you have awake in his arms to the full advantage.

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Just remind your parents of their past! :P

How can I get my parents to let me sleepover my boyfriends house?
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nee poi oan boy friend oada pulla poi uambu.

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let them trust u

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Good idea cherese.

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well my boyfriends parents dont care if we go into his room... we tell them that we are watchin movies ;).. sometimes his mom will come in and check on us but we are careful to listen for footsteps on the stairs... sometimes shell sit with us and then leave.. is dad has no problem with it at alll... if he does catch us doing anything, hes proud that his boy would do anything like that ahaha... he always says "I was a 16 year old boy once" lol

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