How do I convince my parents not to cut off my Computer access?

Please help!! My parents are trying to cut off my computer use! I’ve tried everything I know to do. I’ve told them computer addictions “scientifically” don’t exist. I’ve told them to calmly “suggest” that I get off the laptop instead of “demanding”. I’m running out of ideas and this is NOT the time to cut me off, as I have a virtual online Empire to run!!! And no Emperor or heir(ess) to take my place. Please send help quickly!!

Answer #1

From what you said, it appears you may have almost made the net your whole life and they’re trying to look after your best interests - more to life - you’re not in any position to tell them ‘suggest’, not ‘demand’ - when you’re a parent you’ll understand - honor them and if you were wrong, apologize…Take care !!

Answer #2

So you didn’t want anyone to “echo your parents’ words,” but it you never considered that they might be right? If you want validation for your irrational behavior regarding online role-playing games, go to If you want to know what people actually think, stay right here, and it’s just possible that you might be able to shift your perspective before you turn into yet another pasty, overweight MMORPG addict who doesn’t know the touch of the opposite sex before 45, and even then only because they paid for it.

With regards to your “empire” not being a video game, multiple players does not negate its inherent game-ness. Just because multiple people can post on this message board does not make it a party. It’s still a message board. And should your empire fall into a smoking ruin, those harrowed souls that you picture biting their nails waiting for your return click “next game” and move on with their goddamn lives. As should you.

Answer #3

Well, since your parents are trying to get you to get off the computer, I think they might be right. I really can’t assume things since I really don’t know how your parents are. But, what you could do to convince them that you’re not going to use the computer much, is tell them that you’ll do anything they ask to stay away from the computer. Maybe that will help. As far as your empire game, I understand it’s important, but, you can play that anytime. Go outside and get fresh air. That’ll help you. There are studies on computer addictions, but, I really don’t know where you pulled those up from, but, at least you could respect your parents and give them a chance to tell you how they feel about you being on the computer too much. Take care, and convince them that you’ll do something else.

Answer #4

sigh I’ll never win, will I? I’ll come back to Great Olamina when I can, and in the meantime hope my once-mighty nation doesn’t fall into the hands of thieves and cowards.

Answer #5

And as for my Empire. It is not just a video game, people. On the other side of that screen are some 14 real human beings that need me to keep the Empire of Olamina running.

Answer #6

Hmm actually people can be addicted to computers (not sure what scientific studies you’re basing your information on) and maybe you should just get off the computer when they ask the first time instead of waiting till they yell…

Answer #7

Thank you, but no thank you.What I asked was a way to prevent this, not an echo of my parent’s words. And I used to be in a position to ask that they not “demand” until they figured out that didn’t work the last time they tried this. By my calculations, they will give up again in two weeks to a month, but in case I’m wrong (and I do get that awful feeling)…

Answer #8

If you’re getting this panicked over running an imaginary, virtual “empire,” it’s definitely time to consider that they’re absolutely right about your computer use.

Not to put too fine a point on things, but have some friggin’ self-respect, my friend. I like video games, too, but when you start flipping out over not being able to play them, it’s time to go outside and get some fresh air.

Answer #9

Just do it when they ask you to they will thank you for it

Answer #10

I usually just rub my moms back.

Answer #11

Ever think you might just be a LITTLE addicted?

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