How do i become a solister ???

Hello im 13 and want to become a solister in the near future but I have no idea what gcse's I need to take and what I should be doing to makes sure that I have a high chance of becoming one if anyone can help I would really appersate your help as this is my lifes dream and would like some hellpp soo if you have any infomation or your a lawyer then please please please answer this question for me I will be very vey greatfull xx

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Surely you mean a Solicitor.

Talk to your school guidance counselor - they'll be able to tell you exactly what is required.

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I'm 13 too, and I want to be a solicitor also.
but it takes a lot of hard work. I know that you need to get really good points, you need a grade B or above in english and a C in math.
you have to go to University, so the more points you get, the better university choice you get.
hope I helped.
funmail me if you need any advice or something.

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but thnkz courtney you werer a geat help thnkz hun x

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id phone a big company like maidments and ask them and also if briefs do like a work experiance while your at college/university training..

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