How do i be a sacker at heb???

I dont think I'll be a good waitress so the only option I think I can handle is working at heb. I think they hire the teeangers as sackers or someone who moves the carts around. How do I be a sacker? How do I catorgorize the differant foods in bags? Please help me && any tips on being a good sacker??

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a sacker? is the same thing as a bagger right? lol
& ihave no clue what a heb is. a you putall the heavy non crushable items at th bottom of the bag and the light stuff ontop im guessign they have to be at a certain weight.

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Keep all the cold stuff together. Make sure that the person buying the stuff will be able to lift the bag...if it's an old lady don't put too many cans in one bag. Bread and eggs should always go in their own bag (the bread can go on top of the eggs). Anything that will break or could be crushed keep on top of the bag. When you're filling the bag make the outside of the bag a square inside the bag...then fill in around the four corners.

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heb. It's a store. Mainly in Texas. :)

Basically just follow colethky's advice.

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