How do girls look without clothes?

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man girls looking un-f*cking-believable haha...they just look good...its like looking at heaven with your own eyes...u never seen a girl naked before??? go get a girlfriend to get started lol or look at some porn...

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aww thats cute well they look way different from men if thats what you want to hear. they don't have penis

How do I pleasure a girl with clothes on?
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us girls...uhhh...we look HOT!LOL

how girls mastubrate
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very sexy

What are some tips on fingering a girl
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They genuinely look naked.
What else were you expecting???

How to make a girl wet?
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you make me feel better about myself

How do you know if a girl is horny?
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Um...they look naked. :)

how long does a girl finger herself???
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Really?just look inthe mirror desparate son of a b***!

Girls: eaten out or fingered?
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haha why dont you look that up on the internet?

When a guy eats you out, what does the girl do?
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In detail. They have two lump kind of things sprouting from their chest, pouting out their nipples. Someone I talked to once said that when they're large they resemble two but cheeks, but I thought differently, perhaps because all I could think about was hers. Back to the description, these ergs of mine came about, as these two lumps, known as breast, are soft tissuy and give males’ great satisfaction when allowed to touch from an attractive female, potential partner. Going down, you reach the vagina which to me resembles a bottled muscle. Their is two sets of fleshy flaps, one inside the other, also refired to as lips, stemming from a resemblance to the lips on ones face; but I must say, in a much more vertical fashion. My dad once said that Asians 'flaps' are opposite however and are also in a horizontal direction (please no offence is to be delivered from this statement, as my dad is dickhead). I did not believe him when he told me this and decided to investigate a little, looking up Asian porn. This resulted in me finding that my dad had been lying, but also being sprung by my mum leading to much embarrassment from me, as the topic was spread among my family.

Here is a URL that can show you a female body EXACTLEY as it is.

Can a girl get horny?
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look like a flower without scent

do girls like being fingered up the butt ?
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your on the net look up some porn

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what the f*ck! a girls a girl if you want to see a girl with no cloths on get a girlfriend and a good trusting relationship or if you cant do that just look at porn :S

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they look like they did when they had clothes on, just minus the clothes

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you sound very desperate.

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they are exciting hot like an apple without peel pple wih peel looks dirty but without looks good and tasted yummy samegirls too

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too cute

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The same way they do with clothes, with their eyes.

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